Tips to Identify a Fake Casino Review

By  //  December 10, 2021

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You might want to play gambling games and find the best casino, and this is why you are juggling between sites looking for reliable reviews. Unfortunately, not all review sites provide accurate information. Some of them are sponsored by companies that are only interested in making money.

Therefore, it is important to be aware of the signs of a fake review site so that you can make an informed decision about where you want to play your games. We will cover some tips on how to identify them and what red flags should catch your attention. 

Read Different Casino Reviews and Analyze Them

It is not enough to look at one review site and see what they have written about a certain blackjack online casino, for instance, especially if it seems too good to be true.

In this case, you should search for more reviews from different sources that provide honest information on the same topic. Also, read blogs or forums which are related to gambling because there, people share their experiences with online casinos in the comments section below posts and articles. 

When reading these reviews, one red flag you should look for is a casino having too many positive reviews. While some people might find it rewarding to write a positive review about the casino they play at, there is no way that every single person who has played in this casino had such an amazing experience as those five-star reviews claim.

Another indicator of fake reviews is when you see only one rating for all casinos, and everyone rates them with high scores (five stars). This means that either these sites are not moderated, or this information was copied from another source without any changes and therefore doesn’t provide users with useful content. 

Make sure you read as many reviews as possible before you make a decision. That way, you can compare several different opinions about the same casino, and if there are people who gave them low ratings because of poor customer service or slow withdrawals, for example, then this might be an issue to consider when choosing your online gaming destination.

Check Out the Website’s Domain Name and WHOIS Info

Checking the domain name and the WHOIS information is an easy way to see if a website or blog can be trusted. When you go to check out these details, make sure that they were not registered recently. This doesn’t mean that a site has to be old, but the older it is, the more trustworthy its reviews are.

If a website has been created recently and does not have any information on who owns it or where they come from, this might mean that this casino review is fake. This is because there will be no way for you to know if their reporting is reliable.

Another thing to consider is the language used on a page. If you see an article that contains words and sentences which are not commonly found in English, this might be because it was translated with software or by someone who does not speak or write proper English. Therefore, they might miss some details, especially when describing their experience at a certain casino.

Check Out Who Is Listed as the Author of Posts

While fake review sites often have generic names such as “online blackjack”, for example, since they want to make people think these are written by experts. Therefore, it is important to see if there are names below posts.

If the only person who is listed as an author of articles on a page cannot be found anywhere else, then this might mean that they have created this site just to promote one casino which pays them for advertising purposes, or their reviews are copied from another source without permission and therefore lack useful content.

Test the Online Casino Yourself

If you notice that a casino review site has information that sounds too good to be true, then the best thing you can do is test it yourself. This way, you will be sure that their reviews are accurate and trustworthy because they reflect your experience with a certain online casino as well.

Consider signing up for free trial offers from multiple gambling sites. This way, you can try several casinos without spending any money and decide which one is best for your needs.

Read Between the Lines

When reading reviews written by people who seem like they were paid for promoting a casino in exchange for cash, there are often details that cannot be found anywhere else. This is because they are not interested in providing their readers with useful information but rather want to convince them that one casino is better than the other for certain reasons.

Therefore, always read between the lines, and if you notice something seems off about a review or an opinion expressed by someone who claims to be impartial, do some more research before making your final decision.

Follow Your Instincts

If you go to a casino review site, and it does not feel right, then there is no need for you to continue reading their posts. Remember that these reviews are very important.

This is because they can determine whether or not you will enjoy playing on a certain gambling website. Follow your intuition, and if you feel that something is off, then get the opinion of someone who has more experience in this field.


With these tips, you will be able to identify a fake casino review and ensure all the information provided by people who claim to have unbiased opinions is accurate. This way, you will easily find the most trustworthy gambling website and enjoy playing on it.