WATCH LIVE: Eaglet ‘E19’ Hatches for Bald Eagle Couple ‘Harriet’ and ‘M15’, Second Eaglet to Hatch Today

By  //  December 28, 2021

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Space Coast Daily Special Presentation

ABOVE VIDEO: This was a beautiful way to end the day with Harriet arriving back to the nest at dusk and begins to feed E19 tiny bites! M is such a hands on Dad that he wants to help and offers his beak to Harriet as he attempts to feed E19 too. Only a few hours old and already our exceptional parents are starting dual feedings for their offspring. It is really amazing to watch them together! E19 did get a few bites and ends up with a feather in its beak again lol Harriet tucks E19 for the night. M flies to the inner limb to watch over his family. Thank you for watching!

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA – The Southwest Florida Eagle Cam (SWFEC) is pleased to announce the area’s most beloved pair of bald eagles has a new eaglet!

In addition to E19, the eaglet is expected to have a sibling by tomorrow after a ‘pip’ was discovered shortly after E19 hatched.

The two eggs were laid November 20 and November 23.

Both parents have diligently taken turns incubating the eggs; maintaining the necessary temperatures embryos need for proper development.

Harriet and M15 will continue to nurture their eggs until they feel movement and the chick scratches the surface of the egg to break out. Once the hatchling has begun to breathe, it will make soft calls that the adults can hear.

Viewers of any age can watch and track all the action on the official SWFL Eagle Cam website, the official Facebook page, Twitter feed, Instagram account, Tumblr page and YouTube channel. Teachers or groups looking to use the cam as an educational resource or class project, can contact the SWFEC at

ABOVE LIVE VIDEO: Southwest Florida Eagle Cam – Cam 1

Celebrating 10 years of live streaming this season, the SWFL Eagle Cam has captured the magnificent bald eagle pair in the wild for all the triumphs and tribulations of raising their young. Since its inception in September 2012, the SWFEC has received more than 165 million views from over 190 different countries worldwide.

The SWFEC has also launched the first ever live 360 video eagle camera allowing viewers to experience real time 360 views of Harriet, M and any future eaglets. To view this new 360 video, click here.

Following the success of their first children’s book, A Day with Harriet; SWFEC has released a second book titled Harriet’s Next Adventure that follows along while Harriet & her mate as they hatch and raise their young. The book can be paired with activities centered on the live cams and connecting kids with nature. Additional content for hands on learning such as a printable Harriet coloring page, kid-friendly craft and bald eagle quiz can be found on the book’s official website,