What are Skill-Based Slot Machines and How do They Work?

By  //  December 30, 2021

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When you hear slots, what comes to your mind? A game of absolute luck, right? Well, where’s the lie? Slots is technically a game of luck. You hit a button, wait a sec, and hope that Mother Luck smiles on you. This has been the story of slot machines for generations. 

Slots is technically a game of luck. You hit a button, wait a sec, and hope that Mother Luck smiles on you. This has been the story of slot machines for generations. 

But recently, some companies felt compelled to change the narrative. They felt slots couldn’t continue being a game of ‘only luck’ anymore. With millions of dollars getting spent on slot games yearly, gamers deserve a chance to determine their own fate.

Enters skill-based slots.

What are skill-based slots, and how do they differ from traditional slots?

On the surface, skill-based slots refer to slot games that involve reasoning, strategy, and skills. Unlike traditional slot games that depended strictly on luck, these new variants put the gambler’s capabilities to the test. 

As a gambler playing a skill-based slot game, you know you’re in control of how much you get to earn from a slot machine. The outcome of skill-based slots is entirely based on your ability to play the game rather than how lucky you are. 

This makes a lot of sense as players can now walk out of casino houses or sites with their heads held up high rather than feeling like the universe is working against them.

Finally, one can think of skill-based slots as another form of blackjack or poker because of how it puts your skills to the test.

How Does a Skill-Based Slot Machine Work? 

Technically, skill-based slots work exactly the same way regular slots work. 

I know you were probably expecting to hear that it works differently. But then it doesn’t. With the experience you have playing regular slots on sites like Bandar sbobet bola, you can play skill-based slots expertly anywhere. 

Having said that, there is a slight difference between them. Unlike regular slots, skill-based slots come with bonus rounds that require skills to win. Traditionally, regular slots have bonus rounds, too. Talk about free spins and the likes. But instead of just spinning the wheel on a luck basis, you’ll be doing with strategy and reasoning in the skill-based variant.

So, basically, skill-based slots are slot games that contain skill-based bonus rounds. 

How do the skill-based bonus rounds work?

The theme of the skill-based rounds follows up with the theme of the actual slot game. So, say you’re playing arcade-theme slots, here’s how it would look:

■ You join the slot machine to run your hits

■ The bonus round gets triggered

■ You choose a skill-based bonus instead of free spins/free race

■ Then you race against other cars

■ Your position on the finish line determines the amount you walk away with.

The same concept holds if you’re playing adventure-theme slots. You play the game the usual way until the bonus round gets triggered. Once that happens, you battle other players/avatars/characters in the adventure game. If you win the in-game battles (which are based purely on how good you are), you walk away with the pot.

Reasons you should try skill-based slots

1. Regular slots have already-programmed bonus rounds. Skill slots have dynamic bonus rounds where players can determine their own fate

2. Skill-based slots are generally more competitive and entertaining than regular slots. Instead of just spinning wheels and hoping that luck smiles on you, skill slots give you the room to challenge other players (virtually), in-game avatars, and characters. This can be fun, especially if you’re beating your opponents.

3. You can still choose not to exercise your skills at skill-based slots. It’s not a forced bonus round feature. Instead, the game offers the option of choosing between free spins and an interactive bonus. So, it’s all up to you. If you feel you’re skillful enough to beat others at the race, then you may exercise your skills. But if not, you can simply embrace the free spin offers.

4. Since the bonus rounds are in your control, there’s a greater tendency of walking home with something at skill slots.

5. Your payout suddenly becomes higher, too. Imagine that you’re winning at the real slot rolls, and you’re also squashing the bonus rounds; that’s ‘double Money’ for you.