What Is Okta Workflow And How Do I Access It?

By  //  December 23, 2021

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Modern businesses need a plethora of software and other tools to increase the efficiency of their staff and achieve their objectives. The software-as-a-service industry has experienced massive growth in the last decade, creating a new challenge: keeping track of every software and switching between applications with ease. Okta workflows present the perfect tool to overcome that challenge.

Okta Workflow is an identity-as-a-service cloud platform, an identity management tool that provides access to any software through a single login. IT departments have to keep track of countless logins and employee account information, including theirs, to run the backend of company software smoothly. But the problem is that employees have to remember different logins and passwords for various software within the suite. 

Employees often mix up this information and then require technical support. Such events can drastically impact the efficiency of employees and the staff generally. That is the gap that Okta is filling; Okta provides a tool through which employees can log into every software they use. Okta workflows are the perfect tool that HR and IT teams need.

How to Access Okta Workflow?

Okta workflow is available on both desktop and mobile devices. It is compatible with macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android. Okta workflow is built for cloud applications but can integrate with off-cloud software. Clients can utilize the Okta workflow plugin or access their dashboards through desktop and mobile applications.

There are three steps to integrate Okta workflow: installation, account set up, verification. After installing the application, set up your accounts and integrate every software with the Okta workflow app. After integration, you can log in once with a single verification.

From November, Okta workflow became a standalone identity management platform offering management for identity case processes. Okta workflow brings flexibility, efficiency, and security to teams and businesses as a standalone platform.

Benefits of Okta Workflow

Okta workflow targets identity management, but it offers much more to every team. It is the ultimate tool, creating an ecosystem where apps are accessed from a single platform. The benefits of adopting Okta workflows are:

Effective Time Management

Using Okta workflow, users can typically reduce the login time by 50%. By reducing the waiting time, you can access every application you need at once without repeating the login process for each one. You don’t have to spend so much time trying to access your apps.

Improved Operational Efficiency

With Okta workflow, you have the advantage of increasing the efficiency of work processes. Every operation performed on applications can receive a boost through Okta workflow. The platform also permits users to personalize their dashboards, no matter their number. Every user can select their preferred colors, arrange their apps, and customize the features to suit their style. The result? Improved output.


Okta workflow operates a double-layered security structure comprising the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and the regular passwords. You can use biometrics, Okta Verify, or SMS OTP to complete the login process. Okta workflow implements the highest security protocols in the industry, liaising with third parties.