Whittles Sydney Acquired by Strata Giant in Australia

By  //  December 19, 2021

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Whittles Group, a renowned strata management company, recently transferred their Sydney portfolio to a strata giant in Australia.

Whittles Group is a well-established business that has been in operation for more than 50 years. In that time, they have meticulously built their brand by demonstrating their superior strata management capabilities. As a result, the company has numerous offices nationwide, all of which care for a variety of highly valued clients.

Therefore, the acquisition of Whittles Sydney’s portfolio is a significant development and a testament to the quality of both companies.

Strata schemes in Australia today are complex entities whose operation necessitated the introduction of professional overseers.

These two bodies – the Owners’ Corporations and strata management- now form the nucleus of a thriving and ever-expanding strata industry. Consequently, like with any other industry, there will be some variation in the size of companies contained therein.

In this case, the transaction is between two industry heavyweights that boast humble beginnings, which have led to the creation of strata management companies with a significant industry presence.

Arguably, this prominence played a considerable role in Whittles’ willingness to allow the acquisition to go ahead. Moreover, it was due, in large part, to their trust that their former clients would be well cared for by their new management professionals.

The Whittles Sydney acquisition acts as a clear demonstration of the trust and mutual respect both companies have for one another. In addition, it serves as further proof that despite its size, the strata giant taking possession of the portfolio remains a well-liked company whose brand continues to grow and expand into the industry.

A company executive also stated that this valuable acquisition sends a strong message to the strata industry by eliminating any doubt in the organisation’s intended longevity.

As a bonus, the clients who now find themselves under new management do not have to worry about their representation.

Both companies are members of SCA NSW, a strata industry association specialising in managing and advising those who work in the strata industry while acting as a customer advocate for those their members represent. In fact, the firms’ strong ties with the organisation stem from their staunch advocacy for raising the status of professional strata management to a higher profile for the benefit of all those in the industry.

Since the acquisition takes effect immediately, all the affected customers should prepare for the service provider switch.

There is a common saying, ‘ a change is as good as a rest ‘; therefore, perhaps this is a foretaste of good things to come for everyone involved in the acquisition. So if you have any queries about how these recent developments may affect you, please feel free to get in touch with your strata manager for more information.