Why UK Opt for Clarity in iGaming

By  //  December 7, 2021

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It is indisputable that the online gaming industry has experienced a dramatic surge over the past few years in the UK. Playing at safe and secure bingo or sports betting sites is the fundamental requirement for players who register at the iGaming sites.

The fact that they are in quest of a fair and trustworthy gaming experience leads them to hopefully find safe platforms. The quality brand doesn’t only include a large array of innovative games but also offers a high level of security for players’ protection.

With the UK policy to make gambling safer and fairer, various effective strategies have been implemented. Why is transparency crucial for the British iGaming industry?


The online gaming sector is highly susceptible to criminal activities which are ranging from credit card and identity fraud to money laundering. The fact that this sector is conducted on the internet permits the criminals to carry out their malicious activity as it is difficult to trace them.

Fortunately, the higher the demand for online gaming services is, the more stringent the UK regulations to protect players from fraud. Gambling in this country is under the regulation of the UK Gambling Commission, a powerful regulatory authority set up under the 2005 Gambling Act.

To keep illegal and criminal activities out of gambling, this British gambling watchdog introduced the KYC (Know Your Customer) process to verify the identity of players.

This KYC procedure is not only for AML (Anti-Money Laundering) compliance but also to prevent underage gambling and other financial dangers such as corruption and fraud. In this process, the operators request documents of their customers before allowing them to play or withdraw their winnings.

Safety Among Users

A sports betting site or bingo platform is considered to be the best one when it provides a large selection of games or products as well as an effective policy to protect the punters. One of the first features that the gamblers must check before registering at a platform is the site’s operating license.

Actually, a license symbolises that a casino is safe and transparent. The gambling regulatory authorities that have a better reputation are always seductive among the bingo sites. For example, the SammyBingo.co.uk most trusted bingo sites are licensed by the world’s leading regulatory bodies.

The payment methods are also among the important option for a safe and secure gaming experience. Since the players are engaging in the iGaming sector, they require a simple and trustworthy payment process. How to know whether a payment solution is safe or not? The first thing that the gamblers do is to check its review written by other users. In fact, a well-reputed banking option is omnipresent in the best bingo casinos or sportsbooks.

Prevent Personal Harm

The increase of online gaming popularity leads to both positive and negative impacts. The harm associated with the online bingo industry has grown chiefly due to the coronavirus lockdowns. Actually, the gambling-related problems have shown an incredible rise including the bingo games.

Some players have become addicted to this social game which has caused several issues in their lives. One of the measures applied by the UK to prevent the possible harm due to gambling is to help the gamblers by launching self-exclusion schemes.

Different self-ban tools have been released over the last few years and some of them were designed to self-exclude the players from their chosen bingo sites whereas others are specific blocking apps. There are also other schemes to teach and support vulnerable gamblers.

All in all, preventing personal harm depends on each player but with the incredible rise of bingo sites, some of them are unable to control their gambling behaviours. Thus, they need a support programme to prevent issues associated with gambling.


The UK-based players have a huge choice regarding the sites and bingo games to choose from as the iGaming has seen a massive increase in popularity. With the advances in technology, online bingo games have become more accessible to Brits enabling them to play these games for real money at their convenience.

Whether they wager on their favourite sports or play the bingo games, they are totally free to keep entertained with their games of choice. As the UK is recognised for providing a well-regulated iGaming market, this country has implemented a policy to maintain safe and transparent gambling.