Сonsumers Experience on Claimbo

By  //  January 10, 2022

Do you have any experience with space technology companies? Maybe you are constantly engaged in high-tech and deal with companies in this area? You can share your experience – write a review online on Claimbo.com.

Perhaps you have complaints about the manufacturers of electronic filing of your high-tech drone or just household appliances – you can speak online absolutely free of charge. At the same time there is a possibility that representatives of the company will answer you and you will quickly solve your problem. Otherwise, you will still do a useful  job – warn other buyers. Also, claimbo.com users can simply look at the reviews left by other buyers and decide whether to deal with this company or service.

So, the main functionality of the web portal is interaction between the customers themselves and communication between consumers and companies that provide services. The area of business in which high-tech companies operate is particularly specific and highly specialized. At the same time, little awareness among the broad masses plays a role.

The space engineer  will not always be in public conflict with his suppliers. Even if he has complaints about the supplied equipment, for example. And in vain! Often, public discussion contributes to solving the problem. So the easiest thing you can do is write a review, just describe your case.

Most suppliers do not want negative reactions from the community and will probably try to react as quickly as possible and settle the situation. Therefore, even in this narrow  specialized field, claimbo.com can help. In any case, even if there is no reaction from the company the consumer speaks up and warns other potential customers.

As a rule, large hi-tech companies that have been in the market for a long time try to be conscientious from creating a quality product to communicating with their consumers. But still, this is not always the case. Avoiding responsibility for your product can be attributed to various factors.

For example, purely technical, when a company tries to find a solution, but it fails to identify the cause of the problem, or for example a shortage or significant resource constraints. Such situations can be understood, the company can still be given a good rating in its review, but demand a solution to the problem or compensation for financial damage.

But situations also happen when a company deliberately ignores its problems with consumers – they do not  respond to emails, do not pick up the phone, and so on. In this case, a negative reviews on Claimbo.com makes it possible to highlight this moment, which entails reputational costs. As a result, more and more users refuse the company’s services and low-quality products disappear from the market. They start winning products that actually meet the stated requirements.

Sometimes a situation may arise when competitors specifically write fictitious negative reviews and in these cases the participation of a company representative helps to get rid of fake reviews. Of course Claimbo.com administrators also try to help in these matters and by some factor, identify such negative reviews and remove them from the database.

If the company has evidence that the review is not real or erroneous, it is also possible to write to the claimbo moderators and clarify this point, identify and remove such reviews. The main advice to consumers is to try to write as detailed a review as possible, indicating some exact data that is important in this situation, it is possible to attach documents with pictures. Typically, the more details provided, the more likely you are to find the most adequate solution.