5 Kids Friendly Dog Breeds

By  //  January 13, 2022

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Have you got children in the house begging for a dog but are a bit nervous about getting them one? Do you want to know which dog breeds are the best around children and will not hurt them?

Whether you’re a new parent or just looking to get a new furry friend, you must find the right dog for your family. The best dogs are usually those who can tolerate and even enjoy kids. If this sounds like your perfect match, check out these five breeds of dogs that love kids!

 It is important to find a breed that is good with kids. Dogs are a great companion for kids of all ages, but not every breed is suitable for all kids or being around them. If you have kids in your home or on your property, it’s important that you know which breeds are more likely to be tolerant of their presence and less prone to aggression. This list will help guide you through the best dog breeds for children. 


The first breed of dog that we have on our list is the Goldendoodle. This dog breed is a beautiful mix between a golden retriever and a poodle. They have the signature curls of a poodle and the shape of the retriever. These dogs are in all sizes from small, to medium, to large as well. 

As a parent, it is great to know that these dogs are very gentle and great around children. They need moderate exercise and love playing around. ABCs Puppy Zs over here states that they are patient and just an overall great family pet whether you have small children or older children. 


The next breed of dog that we have on our list is Newfoundland, also called Newfies. Although they are an incredibly large breed of dog, and this can be intimidating, these gentle giants have been nicknamed “nature’s babysitter” because of just how family-friendly and gentle they are. 

They are said to be one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs and on top of it all, they are known to love children and even be protective of them. This makes them great family pets, especially if you have younger children. 

For those who live in a smaller space, you might pass on this giant dog, but for those who live with large open spaces and plenty of outdoor space, this could be the perfect dog for your family. 

Labrador Retrievers  

This breed of dog is quite possibly the most popular and most commonly found breed of dog, and there is a good reason for this. Labrador retrievers are great family dogs for many different reasons including their incredible intelligence. 

These pups are full of energy and love to play, but they are also patient, dependable, and even protective when needed. This breed of dog is great for those families who spend a lot of time outdoors going hiking, walking, swimming, or doing other activities, and this is because they need a lot of exercises. 

For the most part, they get along with other animals and just about everyone they meet, and their short fur makes grooming particularly easy. 


If you are in the market for a smaller breed of dog, that is still family-friendly and great with kids, you might consider looking at a beagle. These pups are known to be particularly calm and relaxed, which makes them great family dogs. 

Although originally bred to be hunting dogs, they don’t do this anymore, however, this does mean they will always have energy when your kids want to play with them or take them for a walk. There is no doubt that they are great with kids. 


Last but not least, we have the bulldog. Often these pups get a bad reputation for themselves because of how aggressive they might look, but their stocky and muscular build says nothing about their temperament. 

These pups are known to be patient, devoted, and incredibly affectionate, especially towards children. They might not be the most energetic of dogs, but they are sturdy so there is no chance of them accidentally being hurt by a kid. 

They are also great in any size space whether you have a small apartment or a large house with a big garden. They just want to be around their people.