5 of the Most Successful Manufacturers in Florida 2022

By  //  January 23, 2022

Manufacturing is one of the major economic factors of any country. Manufacturing is highly dependent on its labor force and infrastructure and its capital goods such as machinery and equipment.

Manufacturing contains many aspects, using tools like manufacturing inventory management software to help them manage these different areas, including:  

 Supply chain management  




To be a successful manufacturer in any state or country, all these aspects must be fulfilled.  

One of the most important duties for the government of Florida is to attract manufacturers so more employment can be generated and people can earn money from their work. This means that there will be fewer unemployment rates, leading to a sustainable economy with growth potentialities for years ahead.

Top manufacturing companies have discovered an educated workforce as an essential factor when choosing a location for new plant investments. This means that Florida should provide them with educational facilities such as high schools and universities to supply a qualified labor force.

On an international scale, the U.S. is seen as one of the most advanced countries due to its highly developed infrastructures and technology and a highly educated workforce, making it a competitive country in worldwide markets. 

With that, here are 5 successful manufacturers with factories in Florida:  

1. Crane Co. 

In Florida, several companies have been built from the ground up, and one of those is Crane Co., founded in 1910 as an iron casting foundry company.  

As a leading manufacturer of engineered industrial machinery and provider of solutions to a diverse customer base across multiple industries, they have grown exponentially since opening their doors – today employing over 11,000 people worldwide with 250 manufacturing locations globally and revenue exceeding $3 billion annually! They were recently recognized as the 21st largest U.S. manufacturing company by Modern Metals magazine – not bad for this start-up from South Florida!  

2, Masonite International Corporation 

Masonite Int is in second place on our list, starting out as Masonite Corporation in 1924. They are the world’s leading manufacturer of door and door frame products, with over 24 operating facilities worldwide. Masonite manufactures more than 30 different types of interior doors for residential and commercial applications, including solid wood, lightweight wood composites, steel, and fiberglass cores. 

They hire 9 people daily, so it shouldn’t be hard to get your foot in the door! Their headquarters are located in Tampa, Florida.  

3. Seaboard Coastline Industries      

Moving right along, our third entry is Seaboard Coastline Industries, founded in 1887 as The Atlantic Coastline Railroad Company by former Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s great-nephew, Henry Morrison Flagler (he co-founded Standard Oil with John D. Rockefeller).  

The company changed its name to Seaboard Coast Line Industries in 1967, and it started the modern intermodal freight service in 1971. Today, they continue to be a global industry leader, truly committed to world-class excellence. So much so that their average employee earns $60k annually! That is very impressive for any company, let alone one with humble origins.  

4. Parker-Hannifin Corporation 

Our fourth entry is Parker Hannifin, established in 1904. They are an American Fortune 500 company that designs, manufactures, and markets differentiated technologies worldwide for the aviation, construction equipment, industrial gas turbine, and transportation end markets through subsidiaries like Mac Tools & Intercomp.  

Having 26 R&D facilities in 16 countries, this is truly a global manufacturing company that believes in growth through innovation.  

5. Fastenal 

Finally, the last entry on the list is Fastenal Co, founded in 1967. Fastenal supplies a broad range of industrial and construction fasteners and related products to professional merchants across North America.

With over 2000 branches across all 50 states, they have operations in Canada. Nearly every U.S. state has at least one branch within its borders! They are justifiably proud of their headquarters being located in Winona, Minnesota.