8 Exciting Reasons to Invest in Samurai Cats NFTs

By  //  January 3, 2022

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Samurai Cats NFTs were recently released on 12th December 2021. Crypto experts believe that it would finally connect the digital neo-pop art of Japan with the metaverse. The Crazy NOOdles Gang released 4747 Samurai Cats NFTs and may soon launch more digital collections after they analyze the response of the investors.

These NFTs will work on the Ethereum blockchain, thus ensuring the security of transactions within the CNG community.

About Samurai Cats

The Samurai Cats NFTs will have different levels of rarity. You will be eligible for surprising rewards and special benefits if you collect rare NFTs.

The best part about these unique digital collectibles is that they are assembled randomly from over 300 hand-drawn layers by the contemporary multidisciplinary artist, Hiro Ando. The Samurai Cats will have different types of outfits, colors, and faces, and these characteristics will define their rarity. 

Hiro Ando is a widely popular illustrator who blends Eastern and Western pop culture into his work. He is famous for his resin cats and paintings. With his iconic Samurai Cat, the veteran artist steps into the world of NFT which he believes will revolutionize Japanese art culture.

Why buy Samurai Cats?

Sure, art lovers may appreciate the work of Hiro Ando by purchasing these NFTs, but what about those who are in it for making profits only? If you don’t know much about the Japanese art culture, why should you invest in Samurai Cats? Here are a few reasons why:

1. You will have full ownership rights once you buy an NFT. In fact, you can also use it for commercial purposes. It depends on you whether you want to hold, sell, or exchange the NFT with someone in the CNG community.

2. The founders will soon launch a Galerie Club. This club will provide a host of benefits and rewards to investors who have Samurai Cats NFT membership. Make sure you become a member as soon as the NFT goes live to enjoy the benefits in the future.

3. You will have the freedom to discuss different artwork published by the artists. Don’t hesitate to share your artwork with them. CNG never fails to appreciate paintings and illustrations.

4. You will receive one Samurai Cat NFT if you buy the real artwork of Hiro Ando. CNG will provide you with various benefits if you have any physical works of this artist.

5. The Crazy Noodles Gang will keep publishing the artwork of enthusiastic artists and illustrators from time to time. If you want, you can use your voting rights to select an artist that you think should join the gang. 

6. You will have exclusive access to auctions and events. However, this will be a member-only entry. Don’t forget to apply for membership right after you purchase the NFT.

7. Holding Samurai Cats for a long period may impress the founders and you can expect to get exclusive NFTs in the future.

8. You will get access to private artwork from the upcoming collections before they go live.

You can find out more about how Samurai Cats NFTs work by joining the lively community on Discord. The team also posts frequent updates on Twitter to inform users about the latest additions to their NFT project.

Hiro Ando has finally created a digital world for people who love Japanese art, manga, and all things related to neo-pop culture. Together with the artists at Crazy NOOdles Studio, Hiro is set to revolutionize the contemporary art market and bring his creations closer to his global followers. The Samurai Cats NFTs are now available on OpenSea.