Are There Online Vape Shops in California?

By  //  January 11, 2022

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Thanks to the state’s size and large demand, there are plenty of online vape shops in California to choose from. In fact, a tradition of loose regulations regarding marijuana and vaping products has helped online vape shops to grow in scope of inventory and delivery range.

Whether you are a newbie looking for starter kits, or an experienced vaper looking for advanced pod systems and a slew of replacement pods, online vape shops like TGR-Now can help you out with simple, fast, and efficient vape delivery right to your door. Best of all, the customer service representatives at TGR-Now can help point you in the right direction when it comes to vapes, by giving you a lot of insider tips and information you can’t glean from just reading reviews online.

For example, they may recommend that as a beginner vaper, you look for products with nicotine salts. These products tend to be less harsh and easier to inhale for beginners.

What Products do Online Vape Shops Sell in California?

Almost everything (and all the brands) you could wish for! From vape pens and various disposable devices, to replacement coils as well as vape juice and liquids in an assortment of different flavors. You can view TGR-Now’s inventory online, and even create a profile to save your favorites or tradition go-to vape products.

That means the next time you want to replace your disposable vape – or simply need to replace a lost vape – your favorite products will be selected and ready to go. Customers prefer this shop because they anticipate demand and do their best to keep all items advertised on their website in stock, even in the current times of supply chain issues all around the US.

The regular price of all items is clearly visible on the website, so you can decide what the most practical and economical option is for you.

How Do I Order Vapes Online?

To order your vape products, simply select the items you want delivered, and call the store to complete your order. Advanced vape users will especially love the selection of box mods that they can tailor to fit their exact tastes and needs. Popular brands like JUUL, VUSE, Flum and Puff bars are all available on the site in a wide variety of colors and flavors.

Unfortunately, in order to complete the sale items must still be ordered over the phone for now. However, vape shops like TGR are working on a system that would enable orders to fully take place online.

The good news, for now, is that the customer service line is open from 9 am to 10 PM, seven days a week. So you can order your favorite vape products at pretty much any time of the day!

Do Vape Stores Deliver to All of California?

TGR is based out of Los Angeles and delivers throughout the state of California. Customers within the borders of LA County can expect same-day delivery in almost all circumstances.

Customers based further outside of LA will still get fast, efficient delivery of their favorite products right to their door, usually within a couple of days. There are other California vape shops that sell their products online, but almost none have the wide product selection and rapid delivery times of TGR.

Though the sale price of all items ordered is unaffected by delivery distance, delivery fees may slightly vary depending on how close customers are to the products’ point of origin. Make sure you clarify what the full sale price will be before completing your order over the phone.

Why Can’t Vaping Products Be Ordered Through Other Third-Party Delivery Services?

Thanks to the PACT Act Amendment, tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco products, can no longer be ordered via official third-party sources such as USPS, FedEx, etc. Even though some vaping products contain tobacco-free nicotine instead, they still fall under this general rule.

That is why some LA vape shops have worked on creating their own private delivery system. This enables them to provide better service to their customers, while still following the law.

However, as when purchasing any product that contains nicotine, customers must be over 21 years old to order. Delivery drivers will ask for identification before handing over ordered items, so make sure you don’t try to skirt the law. Nicotine is still classified as a highly addictive substance, and both stores and customers are penalized if a sale happens to any underage customer.

Can I Order My Vapes Today?

Of course! Log onto the TGR-Now website right away, and if you plan to be a repeat customer, set up an account with the products you love to order again and again. Then simply call the store and order away!