Auburn Tigers and 7 Other Teams to Look Out for in American College Football in 2022

By  //  January 7, 2022

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College football is really fascinating. From the wild fans to the high-spirited young lads who give their all while playing, everything about the game is entertaining and we are sure that’s one of the reasons for its popularity in America.

At the end of each season, selections will be made by the college football committee and a final list ranking the teams will be released. The top four teams will play against each other in the national semi-finals, and the winner is awarded the CFP (College Football Playoff) trophy. 

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Each season, 130 teams from different schools compete for the championship in the United States, the best players in their respective positions will be included in the All-America team to acknowledge their ability, and there are scholarships and individual awards to be won, so there is a lot to fight for.

Here are the top teams in the division to look out for in 2022:

■ Auburn Tigers Football

Nicknamed the Tigers, this team is one of the most popular college football teams, and while they haven’t had a stellar 2021, they are tipped to come back stronger in 2022. Auburn Tigers football sacked their offensive coordinator, Mike Bobo recently due to bad form, but while their form hasn’t improved considerably since, it will be wrong to assume that a team with 16 conference titles, and 10 division titles will find it hard to turn their form around in the new year. For fans who are interested in seeing one of their home games in 2022, the Auburn ticket services could provide you with a ticket for the game of your choice.

■ Alabama Crimson Tide

Probably the best team on this list. With an overall rating of 12-1 Alabama Crimson Tide finished 1st in the Southern Conference (SEC) West losing just once in their last 13 matches during the regular season. This defeat came in October when they were beaten 41-38 by Texas A&M. Alabama won the national championship in 2020 and hopes to retain their title. This team also shares a strong rivalry with the Auburn Tigers football roster, one of their main rivals.

■ Cincinnati Bearcats Football

For the first time in the history of the university, the Bearcats have won 13 of their games this season securing them a berth in the national playoffs. Cincinnati is so strong in defense and powerful in attack this season, and it is certain that they will be a strong contender for next season. The football team is looking forward to winning this season’s national championship. Watch out for the Bearcats.

■ Texas A&M

This is yet another top team who didn’t make it to the playoffs this season, but are sure to improve in the next season and bounce back better and stronger. The Aggies have 3 national conference titles, and 3 divisional and 18 conference championships. With an 8-4 record. They play all their home games at the newly renovated Kyle field stadium that is located on the university campus. 

■ Georgia Bulldogs Football

The Georgia Bulldogs Football belongs to the University of Georgia in American football. This team competes in the Eastern division of the Southeastern conference, and the Football Bowl subdivision. Their home games are played at the historic Sanford stadium, located on the university’s campus. The football team came to limelight in 1892, and won two national championships in 1942 and 1980. The team is known for its unique history, wonderful tradition and its crazy fan base which is known as the “Bulldog Nation”.

Their football program is one of the most talked about in the history of American college football, having successfully produced two Heisman trophy winners, 4 number one national football league, and have won over 800 games over the years, which keeps them in the position of the 11th all-time in wins, and they have emerged top 10 on the AP poll for 24 times, 12 of which they finished as top 5. They are known for using the just wings tactics (this is a motive for an offensive attack, and it has been used by other teams, not just Georgia). The wing as a basis for an offensive attack goes back to the earliest days of American football.

■ Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football

Notre Dame plays its home games at the university’s campus stadium which has a 77,622 capacity. This is one of the few universities that competes independently at the NCAA and FBS level. The team has been impressive this season, boasting of a 10- 2 record, they are now ranked 5th by the college football committee. The Fighting Irish team has won the title 22 times, and could also be strong contenders of next season’s championship.

■ Michigan Wolverines Football

This football team represents the University of Michigan in football at the NCAA level. This great team holds the record for the most all-time wins in the history of college football. They are known majorly for their extraordinary winged helmet, their fight songs, their record-smashing attendance figures at the Michigan Stadium, and many of their rivalries, especially their rivalry against the Ohio State. Without doubt, this is one team to look out for in 2022.

They have been chosen 16 times as the national champions from NCAA important selectors which includes twice by the important wire service AP poll. The Wolverines have claimed 11 of these championships, and they are not ready to back down for any other team to take their glory. 

■ Ohio Bobcats Football

The Ohio Bobcats football team represents the University of Ohio and they are one of the teams to look out for in 2022. They are the University’s most senior members in the mid-American conference, competing at the NCAA subdivision level. This team plays their home games at the Peden Stadium in Athens, and it has been that way since 1927. The Bobcats have an amazing fanbase that are ready to go all out again come next season.


The American College Football has released its roster for 2022, which has made players and supporters thrilled for what is to come. As everyone waits for the turn of the New Year and the beginning of the next season, the teams listed above are the top options to look out for, especially for bettors.

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