Established High Street Conveyancing Solicitors: Challenges They Need to Face

By  //  January 3, 2022

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Even though there is no definitive definition for high street conveyancing solicitors, they are typically small to medium-sized establishments with fewer than five partners who specialize in conveyancing, wills and estate, family, criminal law, personal injury law, employment law (immigration and housing), and other related areas of law.

Lawyers are confronted with significant difficulties on the high street. Conveyancers have also had to contend with the legal services industry for instance the Saga, Co-op, and the AA, being opened up to corporations, which has resulted in a decrease in business and cuts to legal aid, the impending ban on referral fees, and the rising costs of regulation and insurance, to name a few.

Here in this article, we will discuss the challenges an Established High Street Conveyancing Solicitors need to be faced. 

What kind of challenges do they face? 

Despite this, high street firms account for approximately 50% of legal practices, and junior attorney continue to be attracted to these firms as a career option. An established firm training contract is much more difficult to come by. A profession in legal help is not a smart idea right now due to the fact that the field has already been affected by budget cuts.

As legal aid organizations face increasing financial challenges, they are more likely to grant training contracts to persons they believe are a safe bet since they have previously earned relevant expertise in the field.

An excellent approach to boost your chances of acquiring a training contract involves working as a paralegal, particularly in legal aid organizations. Ryan Bradshaw, a second-year trainee at Stephenson’s in the northeast, explains his experiences: “You must be willing to pay your dues to progress.

I applied for over 100 training contracts and received no responses.” His first job out of law school was as a cook for six months, after which he worked as a paralegal for nine months at his current firm before being awarded a training contract. “You may be stuck as a paralegal for three or four years before you acquire a training contract,” he explains. Take your time. You must be sure that this is the job path you want to take before taking on additional debt.

Any type of work experience at a law practice, even a brief stint photocopying, clerking, or working as a secretary, will provide valuable insight into whether or not legal aid is a good fit for your situation. You might want to think about completing a part-time Legal Practice Course while also working as a paralegal or about going the CILEX route, which takes longer than the traditional route but is less expensive and does not require you to complete a training contract to qualify.

You are responsible for all of the costs of your education, which means you will be saddled with thousands of pounds in debt. The job market is extremely competitive and uncertain, and the financial rewards are not great. A sense of satisfaction comes from the fact that your co-workers care about their clients in innovative and imaginative ways.

Because you can’t even imagine going through what your clients have gone through, and yet they have remained by your side throughout the case and are still fighting for their rights now. Because you can win sometimes, and even modest success might inspire someone to begin the process of rebuilding their life. And, on occasion, you may be successful in challenging and exposing injustices within government policy and practices.”

Wrap up

In a market that is in chaos, Teare sees an opportunity for the little people and entrepreneurs to get to the top. In contrast, other junior attorneys are concerned about what will happen to their firm’s high street presence. Every solicitor has to face challenges, but for established lawyers, 

conveyancing requirements are more. So, their challenges are more complex.