How a Teen Made a Remarkable Recovery Following a Potentially Deadly Car Wreck

By  //  January 5, 2022

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There isn’t a parent in the world who doesn’t worry every time their teenagers get behind the wheel of their car or truck and drive away from the family home. Serious vehicular accidents occur all too often and in the U.S. alone, they account for hundreds of thousands of deaths each year. 

Some of these car wrecks will just result in serious and painful injury which can require months upon months of rehabilitation both in the hospital and in a chiropractic office. Says a spokesperson for Lauderhill Car Accident Injury Clinic & Rehab Center, an accident injury clinic in Lauderhill, even a minor vehicular accident can result in major injuries with long-term repercussions. 

This means that without the proper treatment, the effects of a car crash can get worse over time. This is what makes Legolis “Leggy” Thomsen’s story of rehabilitation after a terrible auto accident so extraordinary.   

According to a recent article, Leggy was born in the early 2000s in Algona, Iowa, when he was diagnosed with several serious medical issues including cystic fibrosis, a potentially fatal disease of the lungs. This past August, Leggy celebrated his 18th birthday with family and friends. It was said to be a happy occasion. The next day however wasn’t so happy. Leggy found himself being flown from the town of Manning to Iowa City after suffering severe injuries in a car wreck. 

An Amazing Story

According to one doctor who is close with Leggy and the entire Thomsen family, what happened to the 18 year old is nothing short of amazing. It wasn’t the accident itself that was extraordinary but the way it has changed Leggy. The changes were not something you see necessarily, but it has served to mature the young man along with his way of thinking. 

He’s very much the same Leggy in lots of ways, the doctor goes on to say. But there is still something that’s very different about him that is nothing short of amazing considering he should have died from his injuries. 

For the past ten-plus years Leggy has lived with his grandparents who moved the boy to Manning. The reason for the move was Leggy’s constant sickness which his mother could not handle considering she had other children to look after also. 

From Nonbeliever to Believer

While leggy is said to have attended church services with his grandparents on a regular basis, he wasn’t much of a believer in God or the afterlife. That is, until the accident occurred. The story goes, Leggy and a friend, Brody Chapman, left the home where his 18th birthday party took place. It was nighttime. Leggy was driving. The two had plans to go fishing in the morning.    

Leggy recalls that he was doing around 70 MPH on a gravel roadbed. The vehicle began to shift sideways when they came upon a steep hill. That’s when the back tires got stuck. Leggy knew then that the car was going to roll. He turned to Brody, and said, “I’m sorry.” 

The car started to roll. Leggy is said to have closed his eyes and wait for the inevitable. He was getting ready to die. He also realized he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt. Something that was unusual for him since he always put his seatbelt on first thing when getting behind the wheel.   

Knocking on Death’s Door

The car continued its violent roll. Leggy felt his ribs being crushed. He opened his eyes for a brief second. But when the airbag detonated, it knocked him out. What happened next is nothing short of extraordinary. He was knocked out, yet fully awake. He actually felt himself painlessly floating up into the dark night. 

He distinctly heard the words, “Would you like to come with me or would you like to stay?” The voice was said to be both loud and soothing at the same time. Leggy said he wanted to stay. He opened his eyes and he saw that the car had burst into flames. He felt himself rush back into his physical body. He heard someone yelling for him. The person was able to pull both boys from the burning wreckage.

Broken Back

While Brody received only minor injuries, Leggy’s physical condition was a different story. He recalls lying on the ground, face down while his waist was facing upwards. This meant that his body was twisted 180 degrees. He knew his back was broken because he had zero feeling from the waist down. 


Six of Legy’s ribs were fractured along with six vertebrae in his spine. Two of the vertebrae burst, causing the paralysis. No one was certain he would ever walk again. But with several major surgeries along intensive physical and chiropractic therapy for his back and legs, Leggy was able to walk again within a few week’s time. 

A miraculous story of survival in the face of certain death.