How Common are Truck Accidents in Tacoma, WA?

By  //  January 25, 2022

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For those wondering about the frequency of large truck accidents in the greater Tacoma, WA area, the sad answer is that the number is similar to any other large metropolitan city in the nation. 

As a country, we rely on these huge vehicles to supply us with everything from luxuries to necessities, and Tacoma is no different, which means that there are a great number of big wheelers plying the road and the cause of potential accidents on the roads and highways around Washington State.  

Looking at the patterns of accidents in and around town, we can make some assumptions regarding where and when most large truck accidents in the state.  Lawyers see these types of cases every day.  Unlike passenger vehicle accidents, an accident with a big-rig truck can cause tremendous damage and a higher likelihood of injuries.  

Let’s look at how common big truck accidents in the greater Tacoma, WA area can be, and let’s find out who is to blame when it comes to getting financial recompense when battling with trucking firms and insurance companies.    

Tacoma Truck Accidents Information

Tacoma drivers must be careful whenever you are driving in or around town, but the bulk of trucking accidents that occur in town on the area’s freeways.  In particular, the I-5 corridor is a hot bed of big rig accident sites.  Owing to the increased speed of vehicular traffic on the freeway, as well as the increased number of drivers on the road, these accidents in Tacoma can be particularly damaging and deadly.  

Federal reports from the Department of Transportation note those instances where truck accidents are more common.  Indeed, the last year of available records on the subject, 2015, noted that there were more than 3,800 truck accident related fatalities in the country, and even the most casual perusal of the evening news would suggest that the city get’s its fair share of these tragic accidents.  

In general, records note that more than half of large truck accidents, 53%, which result in fatalities, occur on major types of roadways while a mere 14% of large truck accidents happen on minor roads. 

Since more trucks are found on the major roadways than minor roads.  Likewise, the bulk of these accidents occur in daylight hours, between 6 AM and 3 PM, which again when the preponderance of trucks are operating out on the road.

As we drive from Point A to Point B during the day, we pay attention to the proximity of 18-wheelers to our much smaller vehicles, and our concern is rightly placed owing to the danger such large vehicles represent on the road.

What Help Can You Expect from a Truck Accident Injury Case

Two of the biggest claims in a truck related accident revolve around the need to address immediate medical obligations, as well as ensuring that your long-term financial picture is secure after an accident.

Medical Expenses

To help you cope with expensive medical bills, your personal injury attorney will fight to gain the financial recompense you deserve.  These monetary judgments are designed to cover present and future medical bills, pharmacy costs, and the expense derived from needing rehabilitative services. 

These are very quantifiable expenses that can be documented and demonstrated to a court, and used to help bolster your claims of economic loss and calamity as a result of the accident.

Loss of Wages and Future Earning Power

In addition to the ongoing costs of getting back on your feet following a major accident with a commercial truck, your attorney will fight for your financial future beyond your immediate medical bills.  Specifically, time off work represents a loss of income when you need it most, and when that circumstance is caused by truck driver’s negligence, presents a strong case before a judge looking into your complaint. 

When calculating a potential court ordered financial award, in addition to lost work owing to recuperation and doctor visits, a serious accident has the potential to impact the person’s earning potential years to come future.  Again, lost wages and missed economic potential as a result of injuries is an easily quantifiable dollar amount that can be recouped through litigation in an Indiana courtroom.

Steps to Take in the Aftermath of an Accident

If you find yourself involved in an accident in Tacoma, WA area, there are certain steps that you must follow in the aftermath of an accident.  Should you or your passengers be seriously injured, contact 911 immediately and summon medical help.

Once medical issues are resolved, be sure to exchange relevant information with the other party, and be sure to take pictures of your vehicle, the commercial truck, and the general accident scene. 

You will want to then contact both the police and your insurance company to make your statement and file an accident claim.  The next step following an accident is to contact a team of reputable Tacoma truck accident attorneys to represent your interests.

You will need help in the aftermath of a series truck accident.  Medical, rehabilitation, and legal help is a call away when you call your Tacoma truck accident lawyer.

Call the Legal Team at Strong Law After a Tacoma Accident

Regardless of where or how in the Tacoma, WA area you are involved in a large truck involved accident, you need to call a team of experienced and knowledgeable lawyers and investigators to make sure that you receive the just compensation that you and your family deserve should another party prove responsible for the accident. 

From conducting an investigation of the accident records to properly assessing the damages you might be entitled; our team is committed to ensuring that you are not further victimized in the aftermath of an accident when you need your insurance company the most.