How Demand Increase in Funeral Industry Deal With the Caskets Supply Shortage

By  //  January 21, 2022

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The declaration of the Covid-19 a global pandemic by the World Health Organization has seen over half a million Americans succumb from the disease. Based on the statistical data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as by December 2020, there have been over 30000 deaths in excess.

The rise in the death rates has seen those in the funeral industry working very hard to balance the CDC safety guideline. This is attributed to the increase in the business while dealing with the shortages in the supply and the labor issues. I understand it’s wrong to insinuate that the COVID pandemic has brought a lot of business to the Funeral Service Providers.

Despite that, it’s noticeable that as the number of deaths increases the business also increases. On the other hand, the emergence of the vaccines saw a decline in deaths and the numbers came back to normal.

The high demand for coffins has seen most Funeral service providers miss out on casket sales ever since the pandemic came into existence. Despite that, there are so many funeral caskets are available online.  In today’s research, we are going to have a look at how to handle the high demand increase in the Funeral Industry with the Funeral Caskets supply shortages.

When looking for funeral caskets online this comes with a lot of advantages such as having no Markup- online caskets providers usually don’t have unnecessary expenses for the showroom or sales representatives. So this way online caskets companies can offer their customers the best prices for the caskets and coffins.

Use of Sustainable Materials.

The best way to meet the increasing demand for coffins is to focus on the materials that are used in the manufacture of coffins. Two materials are readily available and can be used in the manufacture of coffins.

This includes the use of the standard chipboards and the use of the MDF. This has led to the increase of manufacturing to meet the demand for coffins that have been precedential. Plastic materials are also considered to be the perfect alternative. This is the perfect option when implementing 3D technology.

Consider Buying Casket Online.

As a funeral dealer, the best way you can avoid the unnecessary anguishes of going to haggle over at the coffin manufacturer is going through the online market. The invention of e-commerce has seen a revolutionized market platform and one of them is the online caskets. Online casket providers also have low-priced caskets that you can consider.

There are several well known online casket companies, including Trusted Caskets who offers reliable service and quality funeral products.

Provide incentives and massive discounts on Cremation packages.

You cant force mourners to cremate their loved ones but you can make it the best alternative that they can consider. For the Cremation packages, you can recycle the casket. For you to encourage someone to consider this option then you must offer a massive discount. In addition to that, the high increase in demand for the coffin has seen a hike in the prices. 

Before considering this alternative as a way to handle the demand for coffins you must note that the decision between cremation and burial is influenced by a lot of factors. These factors are always related to faith, family traditions, and even personal beliefs. All in all, in times of distress and financial constraints then going for cremation, is the cheapest option.

Considering Various Manufacturing options.

The Covid 19 Pandemic has uncovered various manufacturing processes and one of them is by use of 3D printing. 3D printing has been done on the largescale manufacture of swabs and they can also be used in the Manufacture of Coffins. Using 3D printing technology encourages the massive production of coffins. This also allows for the manufacture of eco-coffins.

This offers a more sustainable and affordable solution to the coffins. The 3D Coffins are increasingly becoming more sustainable and the coffins can be customized. The implementation of the 3D printing technology allows for the large-scale manufacture of plastic coffins and this will for sure meet the demands for supply shortage.

The advantage of 3D printing is the fact that it’s not labor-intensive. In addition to that, one can get customized coffins. Therefore this is a sure bet that the coffins will hit and roll in the market. The use of 3D technology is one of the latest technologies in the market that has not been conceptualized well in the manufacture of coffins. Therefore it’s a discussion that is still ongoing in the various forums.


As seen in the above discussion, the Funeral prices are escalating and this is attributed to the high prices of the Coffins in the market. Despite that, everybody deserves the right to have a personalized send-off without necessarily breaking the bank.

Therefore the techniques that we have provided above are designed to offer the best option of saving for the bereaved family. In addition to that, this one offers a perfect way for the Funeral industry dwellers to also handle the high demand pressure of coffins.