How To Raise Happy Kids: 7 Effective Parenting Tips

By  //  January 26, 2022

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Parenting doesn’t come easy, and it’s a huge responsibility. Every parent has a different experience. For some, it might be exhausting, and for others, it would be just a piece of cake, but in the end, all the parents want one thing. That is to raise their kids in a loving environment to grow up to be happy and prosperous.

Giving your child a happy home is every parent’s desire, but due to external factors, you can not always control your kids’ happiness, can you? But Don’t worry, ups and downs are part of life, even in childhood, but you can always take advantage of situations and raise your kids in that as well. How? Here are some backed by science tips to raise happy kids.

1. Encourage physical activities:

Physical activities such as outdoor games are essential in childhood. Don’t just let your kids sit at home in front of a laptop or tablet for the whole day. Give them space and let them play. Take them to a park on weekends and let them enjoy nature.

If you’ve kids between the ages of 10-14, then give them space and let them play with their favorite toys like Nerf rival guns, which release soft foam balls. However, if they are under 5 then you may take them to a park on weekends and let them enjoy nature.

According to research, playing in an open environment can boost kids’ moods. 

2. Encourage gratitude: 

All parents desire to provide them with everything for their kids. You don’t want them to feel left out, but remember, as you provide them with good food, comfort, a new toy, etc., encourage them to be grateful. However, you should impose forced gratitude on them. It won’t go any good. Instead, explain to them why gratefulness is important in life. Remember, raising grateful kids is essential for society and for them as well. Grateful people are always happy, as they don’t take anything for granted and understand the importance of life and relationships.

3. Use your humor: 

If your sense of humor is good, it’s easy to keep your kids happy. Use your humor in daily conversations. Come up with riddles and jokes for kids and make the best use of them. Make them laugh and giggle, create a happy environment for them. This will enhance their self-esteem and boost their mood instantly. Laughter has some medical benefits as well, as it triggers ‘feeling good’ hormones and improves mental health overall.

4. Encourage relationships: 

Don’t micromanage your kids all the time. Give them space and let them grow. If they talk to any stranger or a kid at the park, let them. Of course, you need to supervise them but do it discreetly. This will help them to enhance their confidence and build relationships and friendships. A good friendly child with stronger relationships tends to be happy. Teach them to joke. You can use jokes for kids online or make your own one-liner jokes for kids. 

5. Encourage altruism: 

Altruism and an act of kindness are learned behavior. Dedicate a day of a week, and do any small act of kindness yourself and let them adapt it from you.

Acts of kindness can include:

 Planting a tree.

Giving charity to a poor boy on the street.

Petting a stray cat.

Altruism and compassion are directly related to happiness.

6. Encourage emotional intelligence:

 IQ, street smartness, and solving maths problems are all taught in school. But essential aspects such as emotional intelligence are rarely taught at schools. It would be best to encourage it to give your kids a safe space to deal with their emotions. If they feel hurt and are crying, don’t scold or ask them to stop. Instead, sit with them, ask what is wrong and understand it from their point of view. People who understand their emotions and can deal with them are successful in life.

7. Encourage household chores: 

People tend to pamper their kids and don’t let them do anything until they become adults. Don’t try to be like those parents. Involve your kids in primary households’ activities, such as keeping their dirty dishes in the sink, asking them to bed when they wake up, setting their school bag for the next day, etc. this will help them to understand the meaning of responsibility and will help them to become independent. These two elements are essential to make your child happy.

Final words:

Raising kids is not easy. Parents face many obstacles, and their dedication to prioritizing their kids’ happiness continues. There is a fine line between doing everything for kids’ enjoyment and doing everything they ask for. Make sure you draw a line and raise your kids respectfully. Parenthood is a blessing, and you should make the best of it.