Is Puffy Lux Mattress Worth The Money? Find Out The Truth In This Review

By  //  January 21, 2022

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Puffy, founded in 2016 by Arthur Andreasyan, is a company that delivers direct-to-consumer bedroom services. They are best known for their mattresses which are said to give the exact feeling that sleeping on a cloud would. That is probably why a cloud is part of their brand identity.

The company promises innovative sleep solutions and they are always looking for new ways to fulfill that promise. They are located in the United States and Canada and are considered to be one of the most popular online mattress brands in the United states.

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The Puffy Mattresses: An Overview

The puffy brand is known for three different types of mattresses: the puffy, the puffy royal hybrid, and the puffy lux mattresses. The original puffy mattress is made entirely of foam while the hybrids are made with incorporated pocketed coils.

The puffy brand is famous for using their special slow-moving memory foam in all of their mattresses and this is another reason why they stand out from the other mattress production companies.

While the puffy mattress might be a bit expensive the hybrids offer an affordable middle ground. This review is going to be an honest focus on the puffy lux hybrid. We are going to unwrap the various reasons you should or should not get a lux mattress.

The puffy lux hybrid comes with the slow-moving memory foam that provides the right amount of support and comfort. Memory foam mattresses are known for their body contouring capabilities and while this might not come off as much to most people but it is an important factor in having a good night’s sleep.

You get the perfect combination of support and softness irrespective of your body type. If you sleep on your back then this mattress will offer ample support for your back while cradling your pressure points. In essence, you get to sleep better and longer.

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Who Might Or Might Not Like The Puffy Lux Mattress

If you constantly feel hot while sleeping or you sleep on your back for most of the night then this mattress might just be the right pick for you. It is also very good for people who want especially soft mattresses.

However, this mattress might not really be a good idea for people who want mattresses that are especially bouncy or for people who prefer to sleep on their stomachs.

Puffy Lux Mattresses: Pricing and Sizes

The puffy lux mattress is another way the brand hopes to keep to its promise of providing affordable mattresses to end-users. They are adequately priced for a hybrid mattress and cost considerably lower than your average hybrid mattress. So if you are on a budget, you can still afford to get a hybrid mattress without worrying about any reduction in quality.

To further diversify your options, the puffy lux hybrid mattress is produced in the six typical mattress variants.

 The twin bed is a 36” by 75” variant. This particular variant comes at a height of 12” and weighs about 45lbs. The price is set at $1,449 if you are purchasing from the brand directly.

The twin XL comes at the same price as the basic twin. It is longer at a length of 80” and weighs 49lbs.

The Full variant is a 54” by 75” mattress that weighs 63lbs. It cost about $1,599 to get the full puffy lux mattress.

The Queen sized puffy mattress comes with a price tag of $1,799. It weighs 75lbs and has a dimension of 60” by 80”. It is also the most popular puffy lux hybrid foam.

The king bed is 76” by 80”. This particular variant comes at a height of 12” and weighs about 95lbs. The price is set at $1,999 if you are purchasing from the brand directly.

And finally, the California king bed is 72” by 84” and sells at the same price as the king-sized variant.

We must note here that the Puffy brands are dedicated to making their mattresses as affordable as possible. There is almost always an offer of some sort of a promo going on. Most times you can get up to $300 off on all Puffy mattresses. 

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The Architecture of The Puffy Lux Mattress

We will start by saying that the production of puffy mattresses is totally eco-friendly and they are produced using a variable pressure manufacturing process.

This method of production cuts out harmful chemicals like lead, mercury, and other heavy metals. This is in order to meet with the CertiPUR standard. In accordance with this, all their mattresses are CertiPUR certified.

The lux hybrid mattress comes in four primary layers that provide a description of what the bed looks like under the mattress cover. Let us start from the top. The first 3 layers make up the comfort system of the mattress. The topmost layer is a gel-infused memory foam.

It is an exclusive-to-the-company foam that they call the cooling cloud foam. It is considered to be the real comfort layer. It is also this layer that serves the most advantage to hot sleepers as it absorbs heat and makes for a cooler night rest.

The layer below this is also part of the comfort system and consists of the company’s plush dual cloud mattress. This is exclusive to the lux mattress and helps in cushioning pressure points and contouring the body. The final layer of the comfort system is actually more of a transition layer. It is made up of 2 inches of the company’s Climate Comfort Polyfoam. This foam helps to maintain the temperature of the mattress.

All these layers are on top of the mattress’s core which is a layer of pocketed coils that are 6 inches long and have a 1-inch polyfoam base. These coils enhance bounce, support, and airflow.

These layers are wrapped in a removable cover that is soft to the touch and stain-resistant. You can easily remove this cover for washing or changing and the softness just adds to the overall comfort of the mattress.

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Rating The Firmness of The Puffy Lux Mattress

Now let’s get to the important stuff. We have talked about all the technical stuff so let’s take a look at what it feels like to sleep on the Puffy lux mattress. We are talking about the firmness of the mattress. This is one of the most important factors to consider when you are looking to buy a mattress.

This mattress is extremely soft and comfortable. On a firmness scale of 10, we would rate the puffy lux mattress somewhere between a 5.5 and 6. Considering that the industry standard for firmness is 6.5, the Puffy Lux mattress will feel softer than your average mattress out there.

However, It is important to keep in mind that weight plays an important role in how firm a mattress might feel to the person laying it. The Puffy lux mattress will feel softer to a heavy person than it would to someone petite. Our verdict is that this mattress will be a good fit if you prefer soft beds.

The Feel of The Puffy Lux Mattress

We have stated that the Push Lux mattress is soft, Laying on it gives a light airy feel, exactly like how you would imagine sleeping on a cloud would feel.

The top layer contours perfectly to your body, while the mattress still makes it easy for you to move around or switch positions. Due to the various layers of foam, this mattress does not have a typical bouncy feel, even though it comes with a layer of strong pocketed coils. 

The feel of this mattress may vary from person to person due to differences in weight. However, this mattress remains one of the most comfortable mattresses you can get out there.

Where To Buy The Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress

If you have decided to buy a puffy lux hybrid mattress, then the next question would be where to make your purchase from. Considering that the mattress is a bit on the pricey side, it would not be a good idea to buy this mattress from unauthorized stores as you might end up buying a counterfeit. We have taken the liberty of listing the two safest places to get this mattress from.

 Buy Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress On Amazon

The online marketplace is one of the places where you can get a puffy lux mattress without a lot of issues. When buying from Amazon, the possibility of getting a puffy lux mattress is non-existent. You can rest assured that you would be getting the real deal when you buy from Amazon. Also, they have their return policy that allows you to return a product if it is not exactly what you wanted.

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■ Buy Puffy Mattress On Puffy’s Official Website

This should be obvious. Buying from the online store would be a much cheaper alternative than buying from other stores. This is because these stores will add their handling fees and hence you will get it at a much steeper price than you ordinarily would if you bought from the store.

Let us also remember that when you shop from their official website, you become eligible for all the promos and discounts they are always having. Sometimes these discounts are as high as $300. It would definitely be so much better to purchase this mattress from their official stores.

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Our verdict? There are many upsides to getting a puffy lux mattress. You get a comfortable mattress with a great feel and just about the right amount of firmness.

The only issue we have with this mattress is the price. But considering the qualities, and the fact that the official site almost always has some sort of discount or promo going on, this can be overlooked. If you are looking for one of the best mattresses over a $1000 then the Puffy Lux Mattress is one of the best to choose from. 

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