Is Summerlin NV Is A Good Place To Live In?

By  //  January 24, 2022

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Summerlin, Nevada is a dream place for many. It does not matter whether you are a young adult who wants to buy your first house or a retiree looking for a peaceful place to live after your retirement, Summerlin has all the things you want.

In this article, we will give you an overview of all the good and not-so-good things about living in Summerlin, Nevada. So if you are looking at Summerlin homes for sale or planning to move to Summerlin, read on to find out if Summerlin has all the things you are looking for or not. So let’s get started.

 About the city

Summerlin is a well-planned living community situated in the Las Vegas Valley of southern Nevada. This city is partly located in the limits of Las Vegas and partly within Clark county. The population of Summerlin is around 125,000 people. This city has many beautiful suburban areas.

Summerlin has a very diverse property market, which perfectly suits the buyer’s demands of all ages. From penthouses and condos to expensive homes Summerlin has everything you can think of. 

■ Job market in Summerlin

Due to its very close proximity to Las Vegas, the job market is very strong in the Summerlin. The employment rate in the Summerlin is 4.7% which is higher than the national employment rate that is 3.7%. The same is the case with the per Capita income which is $58k in Summerlin and $31k in the United States.

■ Recreational activities in Summerlin

Apart from beautiful houses, Summerlin city is famous for its recreational activities. Its proximity to Las Vegas has made it a very happening city. From dine-ins to chilling in the community parks, this city always has something to offer to people of every age. 50% of the land use is recreational with over 11+ golf cours communities like The Ridges

■ Good and not so good things about living in Summerlin, NV

Here are some pros and cons of shifting to the Summerlin, NV to help you even more about whether it is a good idea to live in Summerlin or not.

■ Pros of living in Summerlin NV

Here are some reasons why you should definitely move to this city.

■ Modern and state of the art buildings

Summerlin is one of the most beautiful cities in Nevada, all thanks to its beautiful and modern houses. From condos, luxury apartments, and penthouses to single-family houses Summerlin has some of the most beautiful residential homes in the whole state. As there are some more villages popping in the Summerlin city and with the expansion of the Summerlin west, the housing inventory in the Summerlin city is increasing and you can easily find a nice home for yourself.

■ A very happening place

If you are living in Summerlin you can never be bored, there is always something to do in this city. If you love going outside, living in Summerlin is a dream come true for you. Summerlin has ten golf courses, 250 parks, long outdoor trails, and the best thing is that you can easily access the nearby Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

And if you are a fan of indoors, take a drive to Las Vegas and from shopping, fine dine-ins to partying all night you can find all the things you like. To keep its residents well connected, the community hosts “Tour de Summerlin” which is an annual bike race and has become a tradition of Summerlin for nearly 20 years.

■ Pleasant temperatures

If you do not like living in places that are warm, you will definitely be going to like Summerlin. As Summerlin is situated at 3500-4500 feet above sea levels, the temperatures are cool all year around.

■ Tax Advantages

The thing that attracts most of the people is that if you are planning to move to Summerlin you can receive Nevada tax benefits which include no state income tax and low property taxes. 

■ A very strong job market

Las Vegas is a metro area that is very popular among the people for tourism. People from within the city and from other countries come to experience the fun life of Las Vegas, which makes it very big tourism and hospitality industry.

This tourism and hospitality industry has made the job market of Las Vegas and its nearby area like Summerlin very strong. If you are planning to move to Summerlin, finding a job should be the least of your concern. You will be glad to hear that the expected job growth is currently at 40.3%.

■ Cons of living in the Summerlin

Every good thing comes with a price. Well, you do not particularly have to pay any strict price for moving to Summerlin, there are some things you might not like about this place.

■ No public transport

The first thing that we do not like about Summerlin is the driving culture of the Summerlin. There are very few public transports, as most of the people own their own means of transports mostly cars and prefer driving themselves.

■ High living cost

Summerlin is an expensive city to live which can make things pretty hard if you ever face some financial problems. The cost of living in the Summerlin is 1.2 times higher than Nevada’s index.

■ High home prices

Another not-so-good thing about living in Summerlin is the higher median home prices. Due to increase housing demands the prices of the houses are higher than the other areas. 

■ Should I move to Summerlin, Nevada?

We have given you a very comprehensive overview of what you can expect from the Summerlin and what are a few challenges you can face if you are planning to move to the Summerlin. But if you still can’t decide, we will definitely recommend you to move to Summerlin, if you have any plans to do so. Life in Summerlin is really amazing and it is the best to place which can be your new home.