Million-Dollar Jackpots in Online Casinos

By  //  January 18, 2022

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For many players, gambling as an activity isn’t what attracts them to the pastime, but the potential of winning it big. Whether it is brick and mortar or online casinos, playing their games and hitting a jackpot is the dream that keeps players coming. With online gambling’s legalization spreading across the states, the interest in these services will only increase. 

We know that the chance of winning 7-figure pay-outs is astronomically slim. But, regardless of probability, what about the possibility itself? Can you win a million-dollar jackpot when playing at an online casino? And if so, what are some things to keep in mind?

Are There Million-Dollar Online Jackpots?

It seems almost too easy when you picture it: Just logging in from your couch, clicking on a virtual slot machine to make it spin, and suddenly you’re a millionaire, without ever stepping outside your home. It makes many people wary of online casinos. There has to be a catch, right? But virtual casinos do work like real-life ones: it is not a scam; the chances of winning are just small enough that the casino can afford to offer these opportunities.

If you have looked at an online casino website and have only ever seen four-figure jackpots, you have either looked at the wrong games or at the wrong times. There are two game-types with high jackpot potentials:

 Online Poker Tournaments 

 Progressive Slot Machines.

Online Poker Tournaments

Websites holding poker tournaments were the predecessors of today’s online casinos, and they are still a prominent feature of many. The Swedish provider Bettson holds regular Jackpot Poker tournaments, where participants can win up to 3.000x of their bet. When hoping to win a jackpot in poker tournaments, naturally, you have to have the appropriate expertise and talent to win a high-stakes game of poker.

Progressive Slot Machines

For those without the talent for poker games, the potential for the highest one-time winnings comes from slot machines. The regular machines often offer a set jackpot, like $1.000, every time it is won. Progressive slot machines, however, have these set jackpot amounts and additional progressive pay-outs. Like with lotteries, the jackpot rises with each time it wasn’t hit.  

Not all online casinos offer progressive slot machines and when they do, they might not be readily presented. For example, the N1 casino offers their players multiple opportunities to win million-dollar jackpots with progressive games. However, a new player might never be aware of them because they easily get lost in the huge number of games available. To find them, you might have to select the Jackpot Games tab or filter in the game selection or search result screens.

 Learn more about N1’s progressive jackpot game selection in this review, here:

Are These Jackpots Legitimate?

Some players might see these progressive jackpots as empty promises. But when you look at the highest online casino winnings single players have won in the past, many of them are pay-outs coming from slot machine spins.

Jackpot Won Game Played Stakes Wagered
$24 million Mega Fortune $0,30
$22.4 million Mega Moolah $0,75
$19.9 million Mega Moolah $0,25
$17.3 million Arabian Nights n. a.
$11.6 million Mega Moolah n. a.

At the time of writing [03.01.2022] there are 11 slot machines on N1 that offer a jackpot with 7-figures. All of them are differently themed variants of the games Mega Moolah and Wow Pot!

The top 5 jackpots in January 2022 are:

Game Name Jackpot in USD (rounded up)
Mega Moolah Absolootly Mad $8.032.064
Mega Moolah Atlantean Treasures $8.030.284
Mega Moolah Juicy Joker $8.030.284
Mega Moolah Immortal Romance $8.030.284
Mega Moolah $8.029.997

Winning Millions Without Progressive Slots

There are some slot machines that don’t offer either progressive or set jackpots with 7-figures, but still make it possible to win a million. These slot machines offer the opportunity to win multiples of your stakes. The higher your bet per spin is, the higher your pay-out for that spin can be. If you want to know whether you can win a million without having to play a progressive slot machine, look at the maximum bet amount and possible multipliers.

One of the larges maximum pay-outs comes from the slot machine San Quentin xWays. By hitting bonus triggers, you can raise the multiplier up to 150.000x of your base bet.

max. multiplier: 150.000 x max. bet: €32 (~ $36) = max. win: €4.800.000 (~ $5.448.384)

min. bet for a $1 million jackpot: ~ $6.67

Most game providers will give you information on how often and how these bonus triggers can be activated. Use these to consider if the game’s base odds combined with the likelihood of reaching the max. multiplier are worth it. Since you have to bet a certain amount of money per spin to win big, you lose a lot more money with each spin. With progressive slot machines, the amount wagered on a single spin does not influence the potential  jackpot size.

Probabilities of Winning

Look at the probability of winning a million at a slot machine as similarly to winning a big lottery. The probabilities are very small You can search for the slot machines with the best chances to increase the odds, but winning is still a question of luck. If you play at a slot machine with a $1 million jackpot and a chance of 1:10 billion to win, considering the purely theoretical, you would have to spend $10 billion to guarantee a win. Does not exactly sound worth it for winning $1 million.

Naturally, that is not how luck and odds truly work. If you roll a die, you don’t have to roll six times to land on a six, and rolling six times does not guarantee you hit every number exactly once. You could win a slot jackpot on your first try, or never. Luckily, there are many smaller payouts you are more likely to win on your chase after the jackpot that can make playing worth it.

For the best chances of winning, look for a progressive slot machine with a good RTP (return to player) This number is the estimated percentage of wagered money that will return to the player in form of winnings. This is especially handy with progressive machines, because the RTP grows with the growing jackpot. If the base RTP is 95 % and the jackpot increases, it can climb over the 100 % mark and guarantee you winning back the money you invest and more.


The most important thing to know is that there is no guarantee to win, ever. Unless luck is at your side, the million-dollar prizes are out of reach. However, that does not make playing progressive slots useless at all. You can pursue the 7-figure payouts and still have fun without winning them. Online casinos offer plenty of bonuses and reward systems that allow you to spin for free, and the slot machines have many smaller pay-outs that can make playing a net gain overall.

Choosing progressive slot machines with a good RTP is the best option when you want to chase the big jackpots. However, do not dive in headfirst without managing your budget and gambling hours. Games like slots can be highly addictive. They are easy, fast, and allow small bets that feel safe but can quickly accumulate to high losses without the player noticing. A good online casino allows its players to set limits and reminders of spent time and money to promote responsible gambling.