Nail Care Do’s and Don’ts: This Is How to Get Healthy Nails

By  //  January 19, 2022

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The fingernails and toenails are affected by many factors; what you do on a daily basis and the way that you care for your nail affect the way they look, and also the health of your nails. To enjoy healthy, strong, and beautiful nails, you need to adhere to a few nail care do’s and don’ts. With a few simple actions and the use of a healthy nail kit, you will get amazing results.

Nail care do’s

We’ll start with the positive things that you can do to promote nail health:

Keep your nails dry and clean

If your nails are frequently exposed to water or other liquids, they are at risk of getting cracked. Water can cause splitting of the nails, and when that happens – your nails are exposed to bacterial and fungal infections. So, you should keep your hands dry, and clean. You can easily do so by wearing gloves when washing dishes and doing other chores.

Use a quality moisturizer

Good hand cream is a must to put in your nail kit; hand moisturizers contain oils and proteins that penetrate the skin. Also, these creams moisturize the nails, and they form a protective layer that prevents cracking.

Apply a quality cuticle conditioner

Yet another important item to put in your nail kit; a cuticle conditioner protects the cuticles, prevents infections, and promotes healthy nail growth. The one by TrySprig is all-natural, approved by dermatologists, and certified organic, so it is defeatedly THE cuticle conditioner to have.

Practice good hygiene

Washing your hands and trimming your nails will keep them clean and great-looking. Use sharp and quality trimmers/scissors to trim your nails, and prefer a shorter length, as it is less likely to break.

Nail care don’ts

Now that you know what to do, it’s time to discover what not to do in your nail care routine:

Do not pick at your nails

Whether it is biting your nails or picking at them – you need to stop. When you pick at your nails and cuticles, you are creating minor cuts that are susceptible to infections. Also, these habits harm the nailbeds, so you should avoid them entirely.

Do not use harsh nail care products

If you look into your nail kit and the products in it have a long list of chemical ingredients, you should stop using them. Prefer more natural products, and try to limit products with harsh chemicals. This also includes Acetone, which can be hard on the nails. Instead, use a nail polish remover that does not contain acetone, and you will see an improvement in the appearance and overall health of your nails.

Watch for warning signs

Sometimes, tweaking your nail care routine and using a natural nail kit is not enough. There could be underlying medical issues that are causing your nail issues. So, if you get into a healthy nail care routine but do not see any changes – you should see a physician. Nails that tend to break, nails with stains, splitting nails, and unhealthy nails could indicate health issues, so you should find out what is going on.

Bottom line

Your nail care routine should consist of must-haves and don’ts. You should notice if your nails have frequent problems, and check what is causing them. Also, you should build a quality and natural nail kit that will help you improve your nail health, and make your nails stronger.