Strategies for Success: Grow Your Company in 2022

By  //  January 6, 2022

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With the new year upon us, it is likely that you have new goals insight as well. And for business owners, then growing your company is likely one of them. Regardless of how big or small your company is, you likely have felt the turbulence of the last year in one way or another.

But with two years of the unknown under our belt, you can head into 2022 confidently and motivated to really implement strategies for success.

The business world is changing and what consumers are demanding are changing. But that’s okay. Thankfully business and digital marketing gurus like Kevin Miller are providing guidance to anyone that wants to take their business to the next level—regardless of where you stand now. 

For those of you that feel a bit overwhelmed and lost as to where to start when it comes to developing and implementing the best strategies to grow your business this year, look no further than here.

We have rounded up all the top tips for you to implement so that you can make 2022 the best year yet for your company. 

Here are the best tips from the business growth gurus themselves.

 1. Write your strategy down

There is nothing more solidifying than taking what is in your head and actually writing it down on paper. For those that want to build a strategy for success, the first and most important step is to plot it all down on paper. This should include things like the vision you have for the company, your unique competitive advantage points, the targets and KPIs you want to surpass and the data to show where you are right now. Having these all in one place to reference throughout the year will help you and your leadership team stay on track for success.

2. Get louder online

The majority of business growth these days is happening online. So you are doing yourself a disservice if you do not yet have a digital growth strategy established. And if you do not know where to start when it comes to this, do not stress. There are plenty of consultants who you can reach out to and will help mentor and guide you as you develop your digital strategy.

Some likely things they will probably include are enhancing your website, establishing a content calendar, upgrading your social media channels and starting an SEO driving blog to drive consistent growth for your business.

Also, consider taking a short online SEO course to ensure you understand how to best approach this strategy depending on your niche, business style, and growth KPIs. Knowledge will always come in handy, even if you hire an agency to do it for you.

3. Be a friend, not a sales-person

The average consumer these days are very aware of when they are being given a sales pitch. and for many consumers that you likely want in your funnel, that will be a huge turn-off. So rather than getting aggressive from the get-go, try establishing a friendly and useful relationship with them. This means avoiding the hard-sell tactics and instead of offering them useful information, videos, blogs and even events that will benefit them. It does not always have to be all about you for you to win them over. 

4. Invest in your content

We are becoming a content driven ecosystem more and more, which means that the quality of your content matters. So rather than just have a tick-box for content in your strategy, you will want to actually develop an in-depth content strategy that makes sense for your business goals.

When you write blogs, not only do you need to make them SEO optimized, but you will also want to ensure they are easy to read and helpful to the readers. And then there is the visual content like videos. Quality matters when it comes to video content—so either you invest hard-core in producing amazing video content or just skip this one altogether. There is nothing worse than having a bad video out there that does not do your brand justice. 

5. Personalize the user experience

Everything that your business does in terms of engaging with your audience base should be hyper-personalized to them. You should know the customer journey inside and out and make sure that every touchpoint is supporting the end goal. So not only do you want to have a quality content plan and marketing plan, but you want to ensure it is adaptable enough to change as needed.

Don’t just solidify your strategy right now and let it run its course the rest of the year. You want to be constantly evaluating the performance of your strategy and making tweaks as needed. 

So if you are looking to have some serious business growth in 2022, look no further than these five tips on building great strategies.