The Best Mountain Bikes You Can Buy Right Now

By  //  January 26, 2022

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With great mountain bikes comes great responsibility. From experts to kids, everyone is looking for an all-mountain bike with the right features. 

It must match your requirements and give you a great experience when you invest. We will share the tips and tricks to get the best mountain bike for your journey. 

What are the types of mountain bikes?

They actually come in various types with different designs and features based on terrain. Let us look at them: 

 Trail Bikes: They are a common type used for general purposes. It has a versatile design and is equipped to handle tough trails. It gives adequate speed, is lightweight, and has great comfort. 

■ Cross Country Bikes: They are geared to ride across the country, which involves some rough terrains in between. The manufacturer emphasizes more on the speed and endurance in the bike frame. It is usually a lightweight and less-aggressive frame design for climbs and flat terrains. 

■ Fat Bikes: It is relatively new in style, increasing its popularity among people. These are designed for low ground pressure, allowing riding on unstable terrains. 

■ All-Mountain Bikes: These are specifically designed to handle all types of mountains and hills. It has more suspension to make your journey smooth. 

■ Downhill Bikes: It is exclusively designed for descents. They keep the rider in a comfortable and controlled position to handle high speeds. It has a full suspension to handle travel on the front and back. 

What are the best mountain bikes in the market?

1. Yeti SB115

This bike is smooth and fast with the help of its amazing suspension, kinematics, and geometry. It gives the rider the capability to crest at a high point and barrels downhill. It has a switch infinity pedalling platform, which is bounce-free. Yeti has a flat and high anti-squat curve suspension in the starting and middle of the travel. 

2. KHS Aguila 

This has an updated geometry, aluminium body, and splendid parts. It has Shimano hydraulic disc brakes to give you great power and smooth feels while riding on bumps or uneven trails. The bike is highly capable of off-roading with great stability. It is perfect for people looking for a mountain bike with minimal features or a durable commuting mode. 

3. Santa Cruz Tallboy CC

This new generation has a 120 mm rear and 130 mm front with a long and sleek geometry. The manufacturer has provided a switch to a lower link-driven shock. The bike definitely looks compact and lightweight. This is perfect for people looking for lightweight, long travels, and great suspension. 

4. Canyon Spectral 29 CF8.0

When you search for mountain bikes from the best bicycles online shop, there is a wide collection with great features. This bike is utterly comfortable and perfect for riding downhill. The rider can easily control and ride with calmness due to its amazing design. It is a budget-friendly bike that gives you great geometry and features. 

5. Giant Talon 1 

It is perfect for mellow trails, adventure cruising, and path shreds. Talon has given a choice to the rider to run on 29 or 27.5 wheels as per their comfort. It has an aluminium frame which makes it lighter. The front suspension is 100 mm, making it ideal for cross-country riding and daily commutes. 

6. Transition spur

It is a great choice for people charging uphill at high speeds. The rider can ride longer, faster, and smoother on steep lanes with fewer efforts. The efficiency of the bike is kept high on the terrains. This is also advisable for people that go on small strolls as it gives you a seamless journey. 

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How to get the right mountain bike?

Once you start researching the best all-mountain bike 2022, you will get millions of results, making it difficult to make the right decision. You will need some tips to get the best all-mountain bike that matches your style and requirements. 

A few tips that might come in handy are:

■ Right Size: Focus on the right frame size. Never just rely on the small, medium, and large sizes as they differ for every brand. Look for the specific measurements and know if that will fulfil your requirements. 

■ Wheel Size: Diameter has settled to 27.5 inches and 29 inches. But, there are wide-rimmed and more trends in the market to handle muddy roads and downhill trails. For tough terrain, you must go for bigger hoops. While the plus sizes are great for hard trails as they are sensitive to tire pressure. 

■ Weight: This is crucial, but strength is more preferable. It is always great to carry extra pounds and maintain a safer journey on different trails. Never get obsessed with the weight, focus on the features first. 

■ Suspension Quality: When it comes to all-mountain bikes, always know the forks and shocks on the bike used in the model. It must have a quality damping and decent air spring to take you to another journey level. 

■ Budget: You might save some money if you purchase your bike from the best bicycle online shop, which offers great deals and discounts. 

The Final Takeaway!

You need to understand that all-mountain bikes have unique features which are capable of handling different terrains. With the above insights, we are sure that you will be able to make a better decision.