The Metaverse: The New Reality in Jobs and Entertainment

By  //  January 11, 2022

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There has been talk of the Metaverse since 1992, but it is only now that we may already be at the gates of this reality. Two years ago, a new way of managing companies was opened to the world. line-casinos.

In this publication, we will explain a little more about this new digital world, so as not to miss out on this reality.

Many companies are already integrated into the Metaverse, but online games are leading the way.

The Metaverse is a new entertainment technology that seeks to position itself as the most important of all. But the reality is a little different, because it still has a long way to go. For example, online games are still one of the most important forms of entertainment today and it will be difficult for them to be dethroned. 

In fact, online games are gaining so much fame that even strict countries, such as the United States, are already allowing their population to play these types of games. Here is a list of legal websites you can play from the USA. Likewise, legal online gambling is becoming more and more common in Latin America and Europe. Due to this, the metaverse has a difficult path if it wants to dethrone the current forms of entertainment. 

However, we cannot deny that the metaverse started off on a strong foot, because people only talk about this topic. Even Facebook changed its name to represent its inclusion in the Metaverse world. 

Many more companies accept payment with cryptocurrencies 

Although cryptocurrencies are a very changeable market due to their ups and downs in price, they are a good way to pay. Many companies such as XBOX, PayPal and Tesla motor, accept payments in bitcoin. It was a big shock when it was announced that the big Tesla would accept this currency as a form of payment.

Other companies that are joining this boom in cryptocurrency payments are fast food chains, such as Burger King, Popeyes and others. They, as a pilot test, joined this modality with very beneficial results for them. 

We can also mention that eBay announced that it will accept payment with Bitcoin, as well as the best bookmakers receive payment with virtual currencies. The confidence that this cryptocurrency gives to companies is one of the reasons why it is so well accepted.

What can we expect from the Metaverse by 2022?

Since Facebook announced in October 2021 its name change to Meta and its incursion into the Metaverse, the amount of publicity and companies that have joined this initiative has been unstoppable. Facebook wants to create a hybrid world between physical and virtual reality, where people can interact, shop and work remotely.

One of the best expectations of this initiative is that it can be seen as a new way to hold meetings, to make sales, to give classes, in short, to develop new services and offers.