These 5 New and Exciting Tools are Getting DIYers Excited

By  //  January 24, 2022

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Technology is rapidly changing the way we live our day-to-day lives, from the way we educate ourselves to the way we work. DIY enthusiasts can look forward to a wide range of modern power tools entering the marketplace in the near future. Most of these exciting products are designed to make working on DIY projects more efficient. 

The internet has rapidly become a game-changer in the way we buy tools. In the past, most consumers would go to their local DIY store to see what products were on offer, but now, more and more people are shopping for power tools online. These modern stores give consumers plenty of options, and they can help you save a small fortune by investing in tools online.

There are lots of online stores where you can find out information about the latest tools available like MontiPower, and there are several online marketplaces that stock a wide range of modern tools. 

What to expect

Over the past decade or so, DIYers and professionals have noticed a lot of changes in the power tools available.

Here are a few examples:

 Corded to cordless: Cordless tools are much more convenient than tools that require a cord to operate. Since 2015, cordless tools like grinders, sanders, and polishers have been growing in popularity, so you can expect to see more entering the market in the upcoming years. 

■ Lithium-ion batteries: Lithium-ion batteries are not as heavy as Ni-Cd batteries, which makes them more efficient. On top of this, they provide an enhanced run time in comparison to a Ni-Cd battery. It seems like consumers opt for power tools that use lithium-ion batteries and this trend is expected to continue.

■ Eco-friendly: Most power tool manufacturers are concerned about the current state of the environment, so it’s not surprising that a lot of them are developing products that don’t run off fossil fuels. It seems like everything is going green, including power tools! 

You can expect to see a ton of new products entering the market over the next decade, but first, let’s take a look at some of the modern tools out there at the moment. 

1. Cordless Drill

It seems like almost everyone who takes on DIY projects owns a modern cordless drill. These easy-to-use drills make drilling on the go possible because they are portable. You don’t need to have an electrical supply close by for the tool to operate, and they are fantastic if you need to take on a job in a confined space. 

Unfortunately, a lot of accidents are caused by corded drills. People often walk over the chord, which often resulted in someone sustaining an injury. If you use cordless drills instead, you or anyone in your workshop won’t have to worry about tripping over the cord. With trailing leads a thing of the past, you will help create a safer environment in your workshop. 

Most cordless drills available today have a lithium-ion battery which allows the battery to last longer. Although you will have to charge the tool now and again, they tend to last a long time. If you use the tool frequently, consider investing in a second battery pack. 

2. Bristle Blaster

Although bristle blasting is a technique used mostly by professionals, a lot of DIYers are taking it on board too. It’s a surface preparation method used to remove corrosion and coatings on steel. 

A bristle blaster is a handheld tool that has a rotary bristle. Instead of using grinders, a needle gun, or flapper disks, a lot of folks have been using a bristle blaster instead. Not only can it help remove rust on the steel surface, but it can level out peaks too. 

3. Cordless Nail Gun

Whether you are new to DIY, or you have been working on DIY projects for years, you are bound to have at least one hammer in your toolbox. Of course, a hammer is an essential tool to have, however, you should consider investing in a cordless nail gun. Here are a few reasons why nail guns have been growing in popularity in recent years. 

■ Saves time: Nobody likes rushing a DIY job, but if time isn’t on your side, a nail gun can help you get the job done quickly.

■ Efficient: Unlike a nail gun, when using a hammer, you will need both hands. Plus, you will need to store the nails on you or near you while you work. You can store up to one hundred nails in a cordless nail gun so you won’t be interrupted while working. 

■ Accuracy: Even experienced professionals hammer the odd nail in crookedly. Missing the target can result in injury, which is another reason so many people invest in nail guns. The popular power tool will provide you with increased accuracy, which makes it safer and it can help improve your craftsmanship. 

Most modern cordless nail guns are durable and they seem to last for several years as long as the owner maintains the tool properly. Although nail guns can cost a small fortune, if you are a prolific DIYer, it will make your life a lot easier. 

4. Laser Level

When taking on a DIY project, you might need to make a straight line. Without a laser level on hand, the task might prove challenging. There are several different forms readily available, and each form is designed for a certain task.

Here are the different types of laser levels you might come across: 

Flat laser level

Cross line laser level

Rotary laser level

In comparison to hydraulic levels, laser levels can help you get accurate readings. Operating laser levels is easy, and making a mistake is highly unlikely. 

Unlike spirit levels, laser levels don’t come cheap. However, if you maintain the tool regularly, you can expect it to work for many years. 

5. Cordless Sander

Electric sanders have been around for a long time, however, the trailing cord can cause a lot of frustration in the workshop. Ever since cordless sanders entered the market, more and more DIYers have been investing in them. 

If you are working on a DIY project where there isn’t any power source, a battery-powered sander can come in handy. You will be able to reach areas that you need to sand that you were unable to sand with a corded sander. 

Most of the cordless sanders available in 2022 are fitted with maximum life batteries which sand for approximately 3 hours without stopping. Not only will the sander’s batteries last longer, but they also seem to charge in a short space of time. If you have a lot of work, you can consider investing in a backup battery pack, but most DIYers are satisfied with battery life so they don’t find there is any need for a spare battery. 

Unlike corded sanders, cordless sanders tend to be lightweight. You can easily carry the tool with you, and you won’t have to worry about finding an area to store it because they tend to be smaller in size. 


If you are new to DIY, keep in mind that safety is of vital importance, especially when it comes to power tools. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines before operating the tool, and that you wear the proper safety gear.