Top 10 Cryptocurrencies in the World in January 2022

By  //  January 16, 2022

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Cryptocurrencies these days are procuring a lot of prominences and are being the most eloquent topic across the world. Sometimes it can also give astonishing returns and at times can deprive you too badly. The pumps and dumps are common in this cryptocurrency market, so better to have a wise reliable investment. Cryptos are so unregulated, thus having a high risk of getting scammed.

The best time & coin to invest is when it collapses and is at extreme fear & greed index. Because this is the time where beginners generally sell despite holding and that’s the right time when traders buy it at a low price and hold it until shoot up and book their major profits.

According to analytics, there must be the data that exists to find out the best crypto to invest in based on ranking and a good strategy to generate the highest returns.

Getting a concise list of cryptos from a total of more than 8000 coins should have reliable data based on past analytic data. Keeping a view on its market cap with pump & dump percents. So here are the top 10 coins which can be invested worldwide in January 2022.


■ Market cap:- over $882 Billion

Bitcoin has been the most indigenous and massive cryptocurrency in the market to Top Notch the Crypto charts with a market share of about 40% of the total market. Observing engrossment from major Financial Institutions and Tech finance firms such as PayPal. BTC works on blockchain for the ledger login transactions to keep it safe and secure from fraudsters.

As of 2016, 1BTC could cost you around $435, in 2019 it cost $3798, in 2021 it cost $32149. And as of Jan 9, 2022, 1BTC costs over $42000. A surge of over 9000% was noticed. Bitcoins have been the best cryptocurrency to invest in, in January 2022.


■ Market cap:- over $447 billion

Ethereum has been the second most indigenous and massive cryptocurrency in the market as an antagonist to Bitcoin, with one more off user-friendly blockchain Technology that can be used by another cryptocurrency too. It has both cryptocurrency and blockchain platforms and is executed automatically when conditions are met with NFT’s. Ethereum had a surge in records of last year but had also declined due to some regulatory clampdown. Despite this, it’s predicted that Ethereum could take over Bitcoin one day.

As of 2016 to Jan 2022, $11 to $3700. A surge of over 33500% was noticed. Ethereum has been the best cryptocurrency to invest in, in January 2022.


■ Market capitalization:- More than $86 billion

Binance coin is a kind of cryptocurrency that is used in trading and buying another cryptocurrency in exchange like Bitcoin, Ethereum; & is one of the largest crypto exchanges platforms in the world, & was made just to lower the trading exchange fees on the Binance platform. But now, it has expanded with multi-uses like trading, payment processing, or booking travel arrangements.

As of 2017 to Jan 2022, $0.10 to $520. A surge of over 520000% was noticed. Binance coin has been the best cryptocurrency to invest in, in January 2022.


■ Market cap:- over $78 billion

Tether’s a 2nd cryptocurrency that’s also known as a stable coin as its prices are fixed to the regular Fiat currency like the US dollar, Euro. It is claimed to be able to store, receive & send digital tokens that are mirrored against their choice of currency, and it is built on the top of Bitcoins blockchain using Omni platform, which was then later renamed as USTEther and then to USDT. It is assumed to be more accordant than other cryptocurrencies.

As of now, Tether is priced for $1 in Jan 2022. 


■ Market cap:- over $52 billion

SOL was launched in March 2020. It was noticed investors claim that this blockchain technology is faster and more efficient than Ethereum. 

At the launch of SOL’s its price was at $0.77 and by January 2022 the price was around $171 which is a huge surge, more than 22000%.


■ Market cap:- over $44 billion

Cardano’s ADA token was noticed with relatively modest growth in comparison to those of other major crypto coins.

As the launch of ADA’s, its price was at $0.02 and by January 2022 the price is at $1.34, having an increase of 6600%. 


■ Market cap:- over $42 billion

USDC is just like Tether, a stable coin, which is backed by the US dollar for a 1USD to 1USDC ratio. USDC is powered by Ethereum. 

As in October 2018, it was priced at $1.01 and in January 2022 it is $1. 


■ Market cap:- over $39 billion

XRP was founded by the same founder of Ripple. It is a Digitech and payment processing company, which can be used on the network to ease the exchanges of different currencies including Fiat and other major cryptocurrencies.

As of 2017, XRP was $0.006. And as of Jan 2022, XRP costs over $0.83. A surge of over 13700% was noticed.


■ Market cap:- over $33 billion

Luna is the main token as a stable coin that runs on blockchain technology run by Terra in rival to Ethereum by giving a payment method that links crypto to Fiat to keep stable values.

Luna was priced at $0.64 in Jan 2021, and a year later in January 2022, it is priced at $92.64, with a surge of 14300%.


■ Market cap:- over $29 billion

Polkadot is a popular cryptocurrency. The key difference between Polkadot and other cryptos is the small fees and big speed offered by it. Polkadot creates a cryptocurrencies network that facilities to connect the various blockchains, to work together. DOT uses any number of blockchains.

DOT was priced at $2.93 in Sept 2020, and years later in January 2022, it is priced at $30.04, with a surge of 925%.

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