Top 5 Tactics to Host Successful and Engaging Webinars for Your Customers

By  //  January 15, 2022

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The pandemic situation has really changed the way businesses handle events and product launches. A webinar is not a new thing, but it’s being used more than ever. Also since a webinar is happening on the internet, the job of the event host becomes even more difficult since he can only guess what the audience’s reaction is.

It is a lot harder to track the pulse of the show when people are behind a digital screen. Adding to that factor is people’s attention span is very hard to keep since most of them are at home and a lot of distractions prevail there.

For example- They might have started watching the webinar but then suddenly their newspaperman comes for delivery. Distractions like these are common in everybody’s household, and generally difficult to avoid.

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Today we will list out seven tactics using which you can successfully create a fun and engaging webinar. Let us begin.

Meet & Greet: This is not just for a webinar, but in general if you are conducting any meeting or corporate event always start by greeting your audiences. Sometimes all it takes is little courtesies like these to win over the audience’s heart. People love when they are valued and their opinions are heard, so try to capitalize on that.

Building a personalized connection with your audience right from the start makes the webinar more engaging. Greeting people in a webinar is a lot harder, so you could use a chatbot or digital avatar service which can automatically make an animation on the screen and greet them until you start the webinar.

 Break The Barrier: Many times people are inherently nervous especially in a digital format, so they might feel shy to come forward if you are trying to connect with them. That feeling of awkward silence when the host asks a question and the audience just goes numb is a very embarrassing one. To solve problems like this make the audience comfortable at the start of the meeting, maybe crack a few jokes, and lighten their mood. This is an important parameter if you want your meeting to be as engaging and clear as if you are conducting a real physical webinar. 

■ Check All The Technical Details: Always before starting a webinar check your computer’s technical details like CPU, RAM and do a complete checkup of your systems. Also since this is an online webinar it might be a good idea to check your internet connection’s ping. Sometimes your ping may be fine but your latency must have been high to particular locations, so try to resolve these issues before the webinar starts, otherwise, the experience of users will not be a good one and they will stop attending your future webinars.

■ Try To Rope in a Co-host: A lot of times especially during the earlier days of the pandemic when people sort of just had to conduct meetings using webinars as there were no other options; they made this mistake. A webinar needs at least 2 hosts in order to be successful. As people can get easily bored. To break the stereotype and monotonous nature of these kinds of online webinars, having two hosts is absolutely necessary. Fresh ideas will be thrown around and the audience, in general, will be having a good time. Try to maintain a light yet firm ambiance throughout the meeting.

■ Get To Know Your Audience: A lot of speakers say that they have a tough crowd. It is true sometimes, but it is solvable to a certain extent. It is called homework. Try to know your audience’s insights and know-how well before drafting your webinar speech. This helps you formulate an action plan and also gives you an edge in terms of marketing your product or service. For example- suppose you are selling fresh organic farm produce, and the audience who are attending your webinar are people who are buying for the first time something organic. So if you know that then you will try to start from the basics and then move up the ladder. If your customers don’t even know the benefits of having organic food then why will they buy one in the first place? Like these, do more research about the majority of people attending so that you precisely know what to say and when to say it.


Conducting a successful webinar is a challenge in itself and business owners have been struggling for the past one and half years to conduct meaningful and fun events for launching their products and services. A webinar cannot replace the real thing but with these tricks, we can at least make IT similar to the real thing.