Top 6 Signs that You’re Addicted to Online Gambling

By  //  January 27, 2022

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With the evolution of life in the last two decades, everything has changed. Many evolutions that have made our lives easier will definitely result in novel troubles. We’ve heard about drugs and alcohol addiction since forever, and there is a new list of addiction types that have become popular in our days.

Online gambling addiction has progressed due to the permanent availability of games all the time whenever we’re. Online casinos come in different types and styles, with thousands of available games in each one.

Each game causes a different kind of addiction. One makes you an addict to winning, and one makes you an addict for earning money… etc. Online gambling creates an addiction for both winning and money, but when can you consider yourself an addict? That’s what you’re about to know. But before getting into it, check to know what websites are worth using.

You can’t stop 

You decide to gamble online, turn on your device, and get to the online casino. One hour, two, three, four… doomsday, and you’re fixed to the screen. No power on earth can move you. Someone calls for you to have breakfast, lunch, dinner, you’re not there. Even if you want to go to the bathroom so wrong, you’re not getting up until the game is over.

When things are like that with you, when you don’t want to stop, and you can’t stop, this is one of the signs that-unfortunately-you’re an addict. 


Okay, you made it, and you got up from your seat, and finally, you’re practicing normal life activities. You’re talking with a friend, eating, walking, whatever you’re doing. If you’re not well, stress is overwhelming your mind and soul if there’s a feeling that you’re not well.

When you can’t believe these seemingly silly actions to finish so you can go back to your online gambling habit. When you don’t enjoy any of the simple life routines, that’s when online casinos have become your only routine. Nothing else is going to make you feel better but them. Join the club addict. 


You get a call from your boyfriend/girlfriend, let’s hang out, let’s have dinner tonight, I miss you, blah blah blah. All that love talks, all that temptation to leave your spot and you’re not at all touched, nothing in the world is going to make you stop gambling online. You prefer your game over your partner, friends, family, and food.

It’s your only priority. When you should be 100% that you’re an addict, you stop sleeping when you choose to win or lose in a game rather than have some hours of sleep. Some people take an hour or two as a sleep break, and then they spend the whole day or night gambling online.


Okay, some addicts treat themselves and take a couple of hours to sleep. But do they know if it’s nighttime or daytime? Addicts lose the sense of time; they play limitless games for a long time that they lose count, don’t even look at the clock, and definitely don’t have the time to check the time! Game after game after game, and nothing will affect the process of playing, so why does time matter? It doesn’t matter for them. 


Your mind can lose the sense of time. It’s possible. But the need for your body to be nurtured is unavoidable. You’re not exerting a lot of physical effort during any online game, but your brain is exhausted by every game you play, and that’ll make you hungry. You’re pinned to the game, and you’re not going to go to the kitchen and cook something.

You’ll grab your phone and order fast food. Over time, and with the repeated consumption of fast food and not exercising, I mean you’re not even moving. You’ll turn into a beefy online gambling addict. 


There’s nothing you can hide when you’re an addict. Everyone will notice. Your girlfriend/boyfriend that you canceled your plans with, the delivery man who brings you fast food a couple of times every day. They’ll know you’ve exposed yourself plainly.

But you know when you’ll expose yourself, even more, when your loved ones advise you to stop, when they tell you that you’re turning into an online gambling zombie, they try to get you out of that mood, and you’re in a denial state. You keep saying that you can stop whenever you want, which we both know is not true. The more you deny, the more addicted you’ll look. 


It’s okay if you’re an addict. We all have our issues. The first step in the process of recovery is to confirm that you’re experiencing something weird, go seek professional help and consultation.