Vape Pens Vs Dab Pens Vs Wax Pens: What Are Their Main Differences & Which One to Pick?

By  //  January 5, 2022

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In the past few years, vaping has gained a lot of popularity, especially with people who consume medicinal cannabis. But there are some little complexities involved regarding vaping since there are so many of them available in the market so it’s quite natural if you get confused about which one to choose. Today we will talk about those.

Sometimes quality does matter and sometimes we just have to strike the right balance between what we need and what we want. The market today has a lot of options to offer and it is confusing for even those people who are experienced in vaping too. For example, a lot of people do not know the basic differences between a vape pen and a dab pen or even a wax pen. For them today we will iron out the differences and maybe explore which option is best for who. Let us start from the basics:

Vape Pen

It is the most common and simple to use electronic cigarette available in the market. Also, it is the cheapest type of electronic cigarette available. It works by pulling in the vape oil into an atomizer, which heats that and converts that oil into an aroma that you inhale.

A small rechargeable battery is used to power up the device and the vape oil is sold in the market as separate liquid cartridges too. Four major components are part of a vape pen, are firstly the tank, then the atomizer, then the battery, and lastly some sensors. Prices usually start from $25 and can go all the way up to $150 for some of the limited edition vape pens. On a side note If you want to read more about vape pen go here.

Vape pens are a good option for those who are just starting out in this vaping world, i.e newbies. For those who just want to vape without drawing out too much attention, for them, it is suitable too, but for those who need to customize their liquid i.e wax or dabs and not THC based; and measurements then they need not buy this product.

Wax Pen

Wax pens are almost similar to vape pens, they just have a different mechanism. Wax pens do not vaporize the vape liquid or vape oil instead they melt a waxier concentration of cannabis or similar substances and then create that aroma for you to inhale. Operations are handled by the use of three key components which are a battery, a heating/melting of the wax chamber, and a mouthpiece for vapor inhalation.

These pens are usually encased with steel materials because of their inherent high temperature operating standards. The high temperature is needed for the melting of the wax process which is a solid chunk and hence requires more heat energy.

Users who want more control over what and how much they inhale can go for these types of pens and since these pens do not require much maintenance regarding their coil when compared to Dab pens it becomes an added advantage. But do note novice users should stay away from these types of pens since they require knowledge on how to measure, load, and also clean their various parts for operating them. It is best suitable for those who have been vaping for years and now wish to move up the ladder to something more custom and personalized. 

Dab Pens

For those who require a dense and concentrated dosage of cannabis, they can try this out. These pens use a higher THC concentration of cannabis for achieving a stronger effect than possible by other similar pens. Wax pens and dab pens are highly similar in operation and dispensaries often interchangeably recommend them for people in need.

All you need is to put the concentrated THC dab into the coil of the pen and then it will melt that and produce a wick, which will be further heated into vapor for you to inhale. The pen’s wick serves to absorb the liquid dab. What is a Dab pen? Good question, they are essentially a sub-category within the wax pen category.

You can read more about it here.


The main difference between all of these pens is the difference in the substances that they use. Like wax and dab pens they use a waxy concentrate of cannabis and Dabs respectively while normal vaping pens use vaping oils or liquid. A vaping pen is a lot simpler to use than wax or dab pens but they do not allow many customizations to be done in the inhalations. While wax pens and dab pens allow customizations and control your cannabis effect they are best for pro users who have pretty good knowledge about vaping.