Vegan Coach Fritz Horstmann on How to Maintain a Balanced Lifestyle

By  //  January 20, 2022

 It is possible to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle with a plant-based diet

A vegan diet does not deprive you of the nutrients you need to be healthy and build muscle

A balanced lifestyle includes having an enjoyable and healthy diet that will make you happy and help the environment you live in

Fritz Horstmann is a PN certified coach and certified nutritionist who is leading the charge when it comes to promoting fitness and a vegan lifestyle. With the experience of coaching over 700 people, Fritz has grown his influence over a short period of time to show the world how plant-based fitness could create the shape and health you desire. 

Going through the personal struggle of wanting to put on muscle, Fritz maintained a meat and animal-based diet but felt as though it wasn’t the healthiest approach for him due to downsides related to bloating and acne issues. 

This, alongside his strong belief in animal welfare, pushed him to swap to a plant-based diet, a diet that helped him gain muscle and feel good and happy at the same time.

His personal journey inspired him to help others, with his overall goal to help vegans tackle fitness whilst saving the environment at the same time. Fritz Horstmann shows that it is possible to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, even when all animal and meat-based products are cut out.

Clearing up Vegan Misconceptions 

One of the main misconceptions when it comes to vegan diets is that they can’t provide a proper balance to an individual, especially an individual who is looking to build muscle.

Protein is seen to be the core macronutrient necessary to put on muscle. While this is true, protein does not just need to come from chicken or beef, as plant-based foods such as quinoa and tofu can be packed with protein and other essential amino acids. 

Fritz is physical proof that a vegan diet does not mean you will never be able to get the physique you want. The same can be said for Nimai Delgado, a vegan bodybuilder who has never had meat in his life. His results and health are exceptional, as he is able to compete in IFBB competitions whilst only eating plant-based foods.

With a plant-based lifestyle, you would not only be getting into shape, but you would also be having a positive impact on the environment, whilst improving your health and mentality. 

Finding the Balance 

As with everything in life, the goal is to have a balanced lifestyle, where you can be fit and healthy, but still be happy with your diet and exercise. Fritz notes that getting the physique you want and trying to be healthier and more cautious about the environment does not have to be a torturous experience, there is a lot to be enjoyed in this dietary change. 

In order to achieve that balanced lifestyle, Fritz, along with his program, promotes the notion that you need to find an overlap between diet independence, health certainty, and a pursuit of passion. By checking all three of these boxes, a proper sense of health and order can be established in your life. 

Dietary Balance  

A balanced lifestyle includes eating the right foods that will make you feel good and provide you with all of the proper nutritional benefits. Following a vegan plan does not mean you are restricting or starving your body, but you are rather fueling your body with foods that will promote long life and good health according to Fritz.

Diets are not meant to be a week or month-long affair, they should be something you apply to your entire life, and Fritz speaks about the fact that a plant-based diet is sustainable as it does not restrict you from good foods and taste. A vegan diet opens up the opportunity to find new vegan restaurants and enjoy interesting foods that you would have never had before. Some of Fritz’s favorites include vegan Mexican food and vegan sushi. 

His goal is to showcase that you can find food and recipes that you could see yourself enjoying and eating for the rest of your life. Not only can this introduce maintainability, but it gives your diet and health balance, as you could be eating more fruits, vegetables, and grains that provide the best macro and micronutrients. 

Health Certainty 

Another aspect that Fritz views as important for a balanced lifestyle is mental health. Good nutrition combined with exercise that you enjoy creates a sense of happiness and fulfillment in your life. 

Fritz’s life changed when he swapped to a vegan diet, not just physically, but also internally. He felt a great sense of happiness and he felt more secure in what he was feeding his body. 

Pursuing Passions

Fritz’s journey has not only been for himself, but for the environment as well. For him, a balanced lifestyle means that you should also be focussing on the world around you. His vegan diet helps the environment, and he is also using his experience and expertise to coach others through his vegan programs. He is also using his public image to donate money to ‘Charity: Water’, a charity that is fighting the water crisis. 

Fritz believes a balanced lifestyle works on a give and take system, helping others and the environment around you 


Fritz showcases that through a vegan diet, you could have the opportunity to achieve a balanced lifestyle. Not only does his diet and way of thinking help you lose weight and gain muscle, but it also promotes mental well-being and standing for good causes that can help the environment. A balanced lifestyle requires looking at all aspects of your life.