Why You Should Move to Rockwell Iowa

By  //  January 26, 2022

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There are many benefits to living in Rockwell. This article will be about why you should move to Rockwell, Iowa. First off, the people here are very friendly and accepting of others.

If you aren’t straight, it doesn’t matter here! You can walk down the street holding hands with whoever you want without fear of being judged(unless you’re doing it for attention). There is even a non-discrimination law that protects people from discrimination based on sexual orientation.

That means if someone tries to fire or refuse service to you just because their religion says it’s wrong, they can get fined $1000 per occurrence! That’s a pretty hefty fine. There are no hate crimes here either. If someone assaults or kills you because they don’t like your race, it doesn’t matter! They still get the same punishment as if they did it for any other reason. We think that is very fair and shows tolerance.

Rockwell Community College

Next up is Rockwell Community College (RCC). It has about 20,000 students and 2,500 professors and staff members. This means that there will always be one close to you, so no matter where you live in the city, you’ll be near at least one professor who can help support you academically and just give advice in general about life after college.

Also, they have RCC football games every week, so there are many chances to meet new people! It starts a sense of community because you’ll be cheering for the same team, so you begin to feel close to everyone in the stands. What’s even better is that people here accept other nationalities, so don’t worry about not fitting in if your skin is darker than most or you have an accent.

Low crime rate

Another good thing about Rockwell is its low crime rate. Their police force does a great job at keeping us safe and finding criminals before they do something bad. There was only one murder last year, and there have never been any terrorist attacks either. You can always find somewhere safe to walk alone, even at night time! It is a great time to buy a house in Rockwell, IA.


This city also has no traffic whatsoever (unless it’s game day) because everyone uses their bikes or walks to get around. This makes it healthier for the environment and you! No need to worry about wasting gas when you have a bike, and walking is always good to exercise. Rockwell also has beautiful rolling hills with trees everywhere.

It’s very green and not many other cities can say they look like this! Then, of course, you have the trust fund kids too! Don’t let them fool you, though; they usually keep themselves occupied with riding ATVs in the surrounding National Parks such as Yellowstone(America’s first national park) or hiking up mountains like Mount Rushmore (the presidents aren’t real, but it sure does look nice). They even help out with volunteering at local hospitals and retirement homes.

History of Rockwell

The city was founded in 1875 by a small group of people from the East coast who were wealthy and wanted somewhere to spend their summers. They originally planned on building a summer home for themselves but ended up selling the plots of land to other rich summer residents instead. The town had all amenities like biking paths, grocery stores, coffee shops (not Starbucks though; more like Dunkin’ Donuts or Tim Horton’s). Eventually, word spread about how excellent Rockwell is during the summer months, so they permanently moved here. Now it’s the most visited city in America!

Tiger World

This is a unique attraction in Rockwell. You get to go on safari-like adventures with your car and explore exotic animals in their habitats!

You can even ride elephants if you don’t feel like driving. The safari lasts about an hour and a half so it’s perfect for your whole family to go on together. There is an extra fee for riding the elephants, but it’s worth it!


We hope this article has helped you decide where to live after college! Rockwell is a fantastic place to live, and there is plenty more to it than what we’ve told you here. You can quickly look up more information on their website or even take a trip down to the city hall where they’ll give you a personal tour of the best places in town!