5 Ways To Improve Your Home Garage Security

By  //  February 13, 2022

Your garage door is a crucial part of your home security. With that, you should keep your garage in its top condition. Thus, a poorly maintained garage can be used by burglars to enter your property. 

Do you want to enhance your home garage security? If yes, you can consider the 5 security tips below.

1. Doors 

The strength of your garage door is essential for your security. So, you should be careful in choosing the material for your garage door. You can opt for a quality garage door and install it properly. If there’s a gap between the frame and door, it can be vulnerable to your safety. 

You can have solid core doors installed with 3-inch screws. If your garage door has windows, make sure that you can lock it inside. You should also ensure that the glass is not big enough for someone to fit through. 

The doors and side doors should come with solid cores when it comes to door safety. You can use sturdy canopy garage doors made from wood or metal. Remember that burglars can easily kick in multi-panel or sectional garage doors. 

2. Locks 

You should also consider the locks of your garage door. If your locks don’t function well, you may need a garage door lock replacement. Faulty locks can compromise the security of your garage door. Thus, it can have a risk of not locking appropriately.  

Sometimes, even when there’s no problem with your existing locks, it may not offer enough security. So, you can utilize door lock cylinder replacement for upgrading your locks without renovating the full assembly of your garage door lock. 

You can use hasps and padlocks if you want to have additional locks to enhance your garage door security. These locks have easy installation. However, you should get the right padlocks for your individual needs. The padlocks should also come with shackle protection that can cover the hasp. 

Adding padlocks to the outside or inside your garage door is an excellent idea to improve your home garage security. It is essential to have replacements of all malfunctioning locks on your door. You may change the cylinder to enhance your current lock without replacing it. 

3. Overrides 

Burglars take advantage of pulling the emergency release of your motorized garage door. Even though it’s inside your garage, it can be accessed easily from the outside using a long-reach tool. 

An override can serve as a power outage safety feature to open your garage door manually. If you want to improve this feature, you should install barricades for deflecting tools. You can also zip-tie the release latch. 

You can install the internal barriers inside your garage at the top of the door. As you zip tie the latch, you should pull hard and down on the chord with force for breaking the zip tie. If you have already installed your new garage door security, you can test it like you’re locked out of your garage. 

4. Surveillance 

Another way to improve the security of your garage door is to add surveillance. You can place security cameras around your garage. The cameras should be used for crime documentation, real-time response, and gathering data for garage security efforts in the future. 

You can also mix active and passive security, so it can provide alerts if a crime is taking place. Prominently displayed outdoor security cameras can deter criminals from approaching your garage. Meanwhile, you should not rely much on cameras to ward off burglars. 

5. Exposure 

Usually, you can leave your garage door open while cleaning the area or doing projects. In these situations, you expose the contents of your garage. Burglars may target your visible, valuable items. With that, you should obscure things like safes, power tools, electrical equipment, and more. 

If your garage door is open, keep your valuable items out of sight. More importantly, you should not leave your garage door unattended or opened. 

With these ways, you can improve the security of your garage door. 

Seeking help from a locksmith company 

If you don’t have the right tools and skills to enhance your garage door security, you can ask for assistance from a professional locksmith company. You can prefer Locksmithpeople who serve people with excellent garage door services. 

They have complete tools and equipment to ensure that they can provide you with excellent locksmith services for your home garage door. In addition, they also have a friendly and responsive team that will enhance every aspect of your garage door. 

Your security is essential, so you should level up the security features of your garage door. It can be an excellent investment to avoid potential risks in your safety through your garage door. With a reliable locksmith service provider, you have peace of mind that your property and loved ones are safe from danger.