5 Ways to Support Your Child’s Acting Career

By  //  February 11, 2022

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Does your child aspire to be an actor? If yes then it’s your duty as a parent to support them through the journey. These days, most parents feel like they can’t do anything more than take them to auditions and accompany them on sets. But that’s not the truth.

As a parent you can not only help your child become well aware of the industry, you can actually make them more professional and stand out among other actors of their age.

How can you do that? Here are 5 ways to help you out.

1. Sign them up for good quality acting classes

Children are like raw clay, and you can mould them the way you desire. This applies to both life and career. But since we are talking about a career, particularly, an acting career, the first and foremost thing that you must do are to sign them up for good quality acting classes.

You may assume that your child is a natural artist but even the most talented kids can benefit from good acting classes. Why? The competition among young talents is increasing day by day. By enrolling in an acting school, the odds of your child’s success in this field increase.

I am not saying they can’t achieve the skies without the training but it actually requires a long process of learning from people around the industry. And let me tell you the truth, nobody is going to do that.

So, enroll your kid in a good acting class in your area and see how it skyrockets their career.

2. Take them to more and more auditions

Real-life is where the true test of your knowledge takes place. Even your child is still learning, take them to small auditions. Don’t wait for the course to complete. The more they will go to auditions will help they brush off their nervousness and shyness around cameras. This will further increase their odds of securing a role.

The best way to get started with this is by creating a small portfolio and sending it to a Bubblegum casting’s kids modelling and acting agency. They will help you understand the correct way to move ahead and handle your child’s career in an organized way.

3. Look to build their retaining power

If your child can memorize lines properly, it will give them the edge against others who can’t.

A kid who is able to memorize lines properly and delivers them at a faster speed will always be chosen from the one who is struggling to speak and delaying the shoot.

So, if your kid has a good memory, here’s what you can do: Encourage them to learn more. It can be poems, rhymes, song lyrics, or anything that interests them. Over time, their understanding and retaining power will get better.

4. Expose them to good quality performances

For movie nights, let your little star watch good movies that can also teach them life lessons. No, I am not talking about movies that are animated or for kids. Make them watch stellar performances of adults and teen actors.

While showing them tell them about what a great actor they are, the awards they have won and how much you like their acting. When kids are motivated in a positive way, the feeling of “I also want to be one of them” comes up naturally.

This exposure will also help them learn more outside their classes which are extremely important for their overall development.

5. Be patient during the process

Anything that involves kids, requires patience… whether it’s teaching them to take their first steps or helping them climb the ladder of their acting career.

Needless to say, they would be involved in acting classes, music lessons, and voice lessons all day long. So, be cordial, welcoming and appreciative of them when they’re home.

In some fun activities, ask them to act out for you, or read out their own script like it’s an audition.

Over to you…

No matter how glamorous it may seem, helping kids learn the nitty-gritty of the acting industry is hard, but eventually they will adapt and learn. You need to play your role as a mentor and a parent every step of the way