7 Essential Supplies Every Office Must Have

By  //  February 21, 2022

If you are looking for some appropriate essential supplies for your office, here is a list of 8 things that every office-goer must-have for a productive and efficient working space.

1. Laser pointer

It doesn’t matter if you are in a big multinational corporation or a small start-up, laser pointer is an absolute work essential. As an employee of a reputed organization, making presentations is a part of your daily job. This is where a laser point comes into use.

It helps to make an appropriate point and catch the attention of a large audience. Further, it also ensures that the meeting is not extended for no reason. All in all, this is definitely a worth-it purchase.

2. Notebooks

I don’t think notebooks and pens get the hype that they deserve. They do so much for us by detangling hard presentations or calculating a good strategy or even by making simpler notes during a presentation. That is the reason, every office should have a stack of notebooks ready for use.

There is a variety of them to choose from but I recommend going with the spiral-bound ones instead of the regular bound because they get creases on the edge and over time, the pages would come off. So, let’s not take that risk and make a good-one time investment.

3. Highlighters

Can this list ever be complete without mentioning a big fat pack of highlighters? I don’t think so.

A big pack of highlighters is extremely important when it comes to marking just the important points in a big file. It makes sure important details aren’t missed and thanks to the vibrant colours, you can also categorize based on the degree of importance.

Highlights are also helpful in summarizing key points so you don’t have to go through explaining every single detail every time you want to run through it quickly. I know that happens.

However, while purchasing to make sure they are of good quality, the cheaper ones are most likely to leak and finish off very quickly.

4. Urgent custom stamps

I know this particular stationery will slip off your mind, but not mine. That’s why I have decided to put it up here.

When a lot of work piles up, especially in rush seasons, there is a possibility of making a mistake on the most important files. After all, to err is human. To avoid situations like these, always keep a custom urgent stamp inside your drawer.

An urgent stamp works great to label things that should be given priority. Make sure they are always in red, the colour itself is enough to make you give your attention to this work more than others.

But always go for self-inking stamps, as they are not only quick and convenient, they also avoid unnecessary ink spillage on the documents, which happens quite often in offices.

5. Laminator

Working in a big office means coping with a lot of work every day. In this race against time, often important files get lost, misplaced, or thrown away with the important ones. This is exactly why it is important to invest in a good working laminator in the office space. You know what it does.

The lamination acts as a barrier against stains, moisture, fingerprints and avoids getting it torn and folded. Once you have this machine, you can literally laminate anything and everything (2-D of course).

Whether it’s a document, certificate, photo, office rule board among others, this laminator buddy can find its way to anything.

6. Cross-cut shredder

One can argue that everything has gone digital these days as most MNCs are working entirely remote. Then why is there a need for a paper shredder? The answer to that is, yes, it’s true that the majority of businesses run on technology but you must not let go of our roots, that is, printing important information on paperwork.

That is why no office should go without a cross-cut paper shredder. A paper shredder can avoid the risk of getting classified information leaked into the media or to the competitors.

Most offices even have a separate shredder where the confidential papers are ragged at the end of each working day.

There are many types of shredders available in the market but you must always opt for the one with a cross-cut mechanism.

7. Office Printer

A printer is an essential office supply for several reasons. Firstly, it allows the physical reproduction of documents, which is necessary for contracts, reports, and presentations. It provides convenience and reliability in day-to-day office operations.

Secondly, business office printers enhance productivity by eliminating the need for external printing services. It gives individuals control over their printing needs, saving time and enabling focused work.

Lastly, a printer offers flexibility and customization options. It allows users to adjust settings, choose paper types, and produce high-quality graphics, catering to unique office requirements. Overall, a printer is indispensable for smooth office operations and efficient workflows. 

Over to you…

Now that you are aware of all the essentials you need for your office space, go ahead and purchase each item very carefully because it’s going to help you for a really long time.