A Dryer Cleaning Guide by Dryer Vent Cleaner

By  //  February 11, 2022

Steps on How to Clean Your Dryer Vent: Professional Dryer Vent Cleaner

Dryer vents have a long lifespan, but their lives can be shortened by leaving the machines dirty without cleaning by a dryer vent cleaner.

After drying clothes, lint collects and accumulates at the vent and causes clogging. This causes other severe problems to the device, like taking longer to dry clothes, leaving the fabrics damp, and more serious issues like fires.

While cleaning the machine is easy, homeowners should hire qualified duct cleaners to do the work. They have better skills to deal with the device. Besides, they are also licensed and insured, so you won’t suffer losses if your machine breaks down during the cleaning process. However, if you are a professional dryer vent cleaner, these steps will help you. 

1. Unplug The Dryer

The first step into dryer vent cleaning is unplugging it from the primary power source. This applies to all the machines, whether it uses electricity or gas. Unplugging the dryer ensures no dangers of electric shocks or short circuits on your device or worse on your body, which can be dangerous.

2. Find The Vent

Once your dryer is unplugged from the power source, pull it from the wall to access the behind because the vent is likely to be at the back. The vent allows cold air to enter the machine and cool it. When it is clogged, the dryer overheats because there is less cooling. Check for dirt, debris, and lint inside the vent by peeping inside and for dead insects and rodents. 

3. Disconnect The Dryer

The next step is disconnecting the vent from the dryer. Remove the metal clamps and everything holding the pipe. Make the dryer and the vent separate parts to enable you to have full access to each. However, ensure you are gentle when pulling away from the vent because too much force can cause damage. 

4. Vacuum The Lint

Use a vacuum to suck all the lint from inside the vent. Take the vacuum dryer vent cleaner to the farthest end to ensure all the lint is sucked out. You should repeat this process until all the dirt and debris is sucked out. Use a brush to loosen lint that has stuck on the vent walls. However, choose a soft-bristled brush not to cause damage to the delicate vent. You can also extend the brush by attaching other handles to ensure it gets to the farthest point of the pipe. 

5. Clean And Reconnect

Once you loosen all the lint, use the vacuum dryer vent cleaner again to suck it all out. Clean also the outer parts of the machines and the laundry room to ensure no dust or debris make its way back into the vent. Reconnect the dryer to the power source and test if it works. You can use a few clothes to see changes after dryer vent cleaning. If done well, your dryer vent should function well.