Accumeo – Helping People Invest in Non-Public Companies

By  //  February 11, 2022

Accumeo is a Swedish crowdfunding website that lets you invest in non-public companies that have gone through rigorous vetting by going through a process called “due diligence.” Due diligence is the process of identifying and assessing the risks involved with any investment.

These businesses haven’t yet gone through the rigorous vetting that public companies go through when they are ready to go public. Accumeo finds investments for great non-public companies so you don’t have to spend time and energy on it yourself.

Accumeo will be in a position to create a revolution in the global economy, which is based on private company investing in sweden. It will help people invest in these unnoted companies and give them an opportunity to get a share of the returns by speculating on future value instead of buying shares at the IPO market.

Accumeo is a disruptive technology that will revolutionise the way people invest. It’s a new breed of crowdfunding that doesn’t require you to buy shares in speculative companies, but lets you claim a share of the returns from these unnoted companies that have now gone through rigorous vetting by going through a process called “due diligence.”

How to invest in unlisted companies?

Unlisted stocks are ones that are not publicly traded. They do not have a listed market price or a trading symbol under which they can be seen on the stock exchange. These stocks are generally issued by privately held companies, where the shares cannot be traded on an open market. In order to invest in unlisted stocks, you have to find a business that is interested in selling the shares.

This can be challenging because of the limited number of businesses with unlisted stocks available for purchase. However, private companies tend to sell their stock more readily than public companies.

The process of acquiring these stocks is much more informal compared to publicly traded companies. It is important to note that when you purchase shares in an unlisted company, ownership rights are a much different matter. It is very easy to purchase unlisted stocks. All that the investor needs to do is approach the company directly and get their offer accepted.

Once the shares are acquired, you do not have to go to the stock exchange and sell them. You can directly keep hold of the shares and make business decisions. The company has the right to retain part of your shareholding but will sell the rest if you need money to finance a project or expand your business.

A simple guide to investing in unlisted companies

Investing in unlisted companies can be a great way to learn the ropes. Unlisted companies are usually privately owned and many have small, or even no, share prices. Despite this lack of liquidity, these firms also make up a significant portion of the market as they’ve often been around for decades or even centuries. There are good reasons for this.

Firstly, many firms want to stay private for longer. Large multinationals, in particular, may be more comfortable with their current structure as it allows them to control the pace of growth and avoid the scrutiny a public share price can bring. At the other end of the spectrum, a firm might simply not need an external equity partner and enjoy prolonged periods of rare visibility once they eventually decide to sell up.

Secondly, unlisted firms are usually smaller, less complex, and have fewer resources. This means that they generally need to rely on their founders and management to find new investments in order to grow. This is fine, but it also means that they can be challenged to grow quickly, whilst keeping their existing investment partners happy and also growing the balance sheet. Hence, firms may choose to stay private for longer or use the patience of their investors to help them grow.