Canadian ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protesters Show No Intention of Leaving After State of Emergency Declaration

By  //  February 12, 2022

Canadian truck drivers continue to protest outside parliament building

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(FOX NEWS) – Canadian truck drivers continue to protest outside the parliament building in Ottawa with no intention of going home until the government meets their demand for the end of vaccine mandates.

One Freedom Convoy protester took direct aim at Prime Minister Trudeau, calling him an ‘insult’ to Canadians.

FOX Business reporter Jeff Flock spoke to two protesters on the streets of Ottawa, Friday, who have been stationed outside the parliament building for over two weeks. The protests, which Flock reports as being largely peaceful, more closely resemble a campsite than a political demonstration with one truck driver cooking bacon and eggs on a grill outside an RV.

“I’m here since say one, so it’s been 15 days,” the Freedom Convoy protester said while making breakfast Friday morning. “I’m here with my wife and kids.”

The protester explained that he doesn’t want to raise his children with masks or be required to get a vaccine.

“The pressure we have to get vaccinated, there’s something about it that just don’t work,” he stressed. “End all the mandates, and it’s going to be alright.”