How to Choose Men’s Undergarments for Hiking?

By  //  February 7, 2022

When you get underwear for yourself, then there is not so much need to think about it while shopping. But, when it is time to choose an undergarment to head for hiking, the choice of correct skivvies can have a huge impact on the comfort part. It means when it is time to wear undergarments during hiking, men end up wearing shorts or choose built-in briefs.

And some hikers choose underwear and pair it with hiking pants and shorts that keep them dry and free from infections. So, to brief you more, here are five best ways to choose men’s undergarments for hiking.

Go through each of them and check the best tips for choosing perfect hiking underwear for yourself. This also lets you select the best undergarment for trekking.

1. Select the correct style that suits you

It is necessary to choose the undergarment style that works best for you. It is your personal decision that is entirely based on what is most functional and comfortable for you. Mans can easily choose from options, including boxers, briefs, and boxer briefs.

Get the correct style undergarment for yourself that lets you feel perfect, and you can easily enjoy your adventurous hiking.

2. Choose a fit and not-too-tight snug.

When a man is going to enjoy hiking, they require a fit and comfortable close undergarment that is not too tight. The undergarment should be form-fitted that can be easily worn during hiking.

One should be careful about the underwear that it should be not too loose as the fabric used can rub and bunch up against the skin. A perfectly fitted undergarment is one of the necessary things to consider while going hiking.

3. Go for flat seams and no tag waistband.

To get the best comfort during hiking, choose a pair of undergarments without tags and flat seams. Going for a comfortable and flat waistband for the underwear will not make you feel irritated.

4. Get quick-dry undergarment

For hiking, it is essential to buy quick-dry underwear that can dry quickly and wick all the moisture in the undergarment easily. You all choose cotton material or go for a breathable synthetic undergarment made from polyester.

But, there are times when one can get moisture-wicking material over cotton that lets the undergarment dry easily, and you can enjoy hiking comfortably.

5. Find odor resistance undergarment.

Hiking is a sweating adventure that leads to stinky clothing. So, it is better to get an odor-resistant undergarment for yourself that includes an antimicrobial treatment to reduce odor. These treatments help the undergarment be odor-free and let you enjoy the day with full excitement.

It is recommended to use merino wool material that is naturally odor-resistant and never loses its quality. The merino wool undergarment is one of the best improvements ever made for people who love hiking.

Best Underwear Style for Hiking

Are you wondering what the best underwear style for hiking is? Is it boxers or briefs? Or is it thongs or boxer briefs? So, here you will get answers to all your problems. The underwear style that you select for hiking fully depends on your personal choice.

You can also experiment and get the best fit that works best for you according to your hiking needs. The decision you make should be what makes you more comfortable during the hiking adventure. Here are some instructions to get you started.

– Briefs

Briefs provide the best support but do not give the proper coverage. So, if you are going for chafing, you can quickly try boxers and get the best adventures. You can easily find the best quality briefs at

– Boxer briefs

Boxer briefs provide the best coverage that limits skin-to-skin rubbing and is very supportive than a boxer. Boxer briefs are considered the best of the world’s solutions for men.

Boxer briefs are also offered as a snugger and are the best undergarments that one can choose for hiking.

– Boxers 

The loose-fitted and coverage-added boxers are the best for men who want to go hiking. Boxers can help in turning away the inner-thigh chafing.

But, before wearing boxers for hiking, make sure that the loose fit does not result in bunching as it causes discomfort to the body.

So, that is the list of the best ways to choose an undergarment for hiking or trekking. Choose the best undergarment type and go on an adventurous trip. Happy Hiking!!