How to Install and Configure IPTV on Your TV

By  //  February 25, 2022

IPTV is a digital TV, it can be connected to a TV set as well as to a computer, smartphone, media player. There are several ways to connect IP TV to the LED panel, which allows any user to configure and view digital channels, based on their capabilities, you just need to know how to do it correctly.

General information about the connection

Today interactive TV – is a serious alternative to cable or satellite television. Broadcast quality is fully consistent with modern characteristics of TV, and additional features significantly expand the use of TV content.

Moreover, interactive television of the new generation has some advantages in comparison with on-air or cable broadcasting – it is better to sound, better picture.

At the same time, the cost of content is more than affordable, and buy iptv is not a problem. Considering the capabilities of modern televisions with high resolution, it makes sense to set up IPTV on your TV. In addition, IPTV owners can use other services related to television content: recording programs, broadcast archives, the ability to pause the broadcast, etc.

You can connect digital TV in any convenient way, each of which has its nuances:

 Through a connected set-top box IPTV;

Through a router using a wireless connection;

Using special applications;

Through an Internet browser.

In most cases, the connection to the TV is made by the first two methods. The latter is suitable for various gadgets or a computer.

Peculiarities of connecting a set-top box

Connecting a digital set-top box does not differ much from the installation of various TV tuners. The connection to the router is made through a standard Ethernet socket, and wireless setup via Wi-Fi is also available. If you want or have some difficulty you can use a wire and connect it to the LAN connector.

There are other outputs on any IPTV set-top box:

AV for connecting to older TVs;

HDMI for more modern panels;

USB connector (usually located on the front).

To receive digital TV, your TV has either an HDMI output or an AV output. The connection to the set-top box is made by plugging in the appropriate wire – that’s the end of the physical connection of the set-top box.

How to set up IPTV via a router

Important: Setting up IPTV via a router is possible if the router supports this function.

To do this, you must enter the router menu via a browser. Depending on the manufacturer and model, the procedure may differ, but in general, the sequence of steps is similar, so based on the recommendations below you can figure out how to do it on a particular router.

On D-Link, the configuration is different for different connection options. If you plan to watch via a set-top box, you should select “IP TV” in the main menu (maybe called “multimedia device connection”) and reserve one of the ports through which the connection with the set-top box will be made. Then, all the settings are made directly on it.

Wireless connection

If the user does not want to lay extra wires, it is necessary to learn how to connect digital TV via the Internet. Let’s consider the algorithm on the example of popular brands of TVs.


For owners of LG technics wireless connection IPTV and broadcasting of digital channels on the TV through the specially developed program, SS IPTV is available. It offers the best best IPTV service. To access it, you need an internet connection.

To download and run the program, you need to go to the Smart menu, open the tab Smart World. In the address bar, type the name SS IPTV and specify the search command. When the utility is displayed in the list, you need to install it and then open it. Connecting interactive TV to TVs of other brands, such as Philips or Samsung, is done similarly.


On Philips TV panels, you must establish a connection to the Internet by connecting to an access point (router). Then press the Home button on the remote control and open the configuration menu. In the network settings, select “Operation mode” and enter the DNS value. To connect to digital TV, just download any of the available widgets.


The process of installing IPTV is different for different brands of TVs, be it Philips, Samsung, or LG, but in any case, it is quite simple for the user. Connecting this affordable and convenient service, you can watch your favorite channels in high quality and without interference, control the air, adjusting it as you wish.