How to Retrain as a Real Estate Agent

By  //  February 3, 2022

Every year, more and more people decide that they’d like a career in real estate. Due to the independence and high earnings associated with this career path, in addition to the fact that this job doesn’t require a college degree, it can be very popular but also very competitive. If you’re hoping to start afresh and retrain as a real estate agent, then here are the main things you’ll need to do.

Research the industry beforehand:

Before you take the plunge and start preparing for your exam, you should make sure that you’re happy with your decision and that you understand what this career will entail. It’s important to carefully research this industry and be honest with yourself about how well this career will fit you. Real estate agents are very independent and need strong social skills, so you should ensure that you fit this profile.

You should also consider what you’re going to do once you pass your exam and officially become a real estate agent. Researching real estate companies you can work for is a good idea as this will help you find high-quality companies such as Compass. Is Compass real estate a good company to work for? Absolutely! Compass is an award-winning real estate company that provides great benefits for its agents. 

Complete the training course:

Once you’re sure about your decision to become a real estate agent and you have a plan for the future, then you can start your training course in preparation for your exam.

Typically, you’ll have to complete over 40 hours of training before you can take your exam, and often this training takes place over just a few weeks. Since this course is so intense, it’s a good idea to learn as much as you can about real estate beforehand so you’re prepared. 

Take your exam:

After you complete your training course, you’ll be ready to take the exam. Every state requires that you pass this exam before you can become an officially licensed real estate agent, but if you happen to fail, there’s an opportunity to try again.

To minimize your chances of failing, you should try to take your exam as soon as possible after you finish the training course so that you remember all of the information you just learned. 

Consider fees and state differences:

There’s a fee to take the exam to become a real estate agent, but this fee can vary between states. Many states also require a license application fee, so check the requirements in your state before you start your course and exam. The state you’re in can also affect how many times you can retake the exam and whether you need to retake the course as well if you fail.

Taking an exam to retrain as a real estate agent can sound difficult, but as long as you take enough time to prepare and stay focused on the day, you can achieve your goals and start the career you’ve always dreamed of.