How to Succeed on Your First Week Home From Rehab

By  //  February 8, 2022

Coming out of rehab, you might feel a mixture of emotions. On one hand, you might be excited about the future. Ready to embrace the opportunities before you. But on the other hand, you might be worried about cravings. There’s a bad crowd you have to avoid. Plus, you’re uncertain if you can keep up with your program.

The truth is, all of these concerns are normal. The first week home after rehab is the most challenging week of all. But with hard work and this guide, you do have the power to succeed. Keep these tips in mind now that you’re back home for good.

1. Practice self-care

The best plan for success won’t matter if you don’t have the strategies in place to take care of your body. Your mind and body require a daily commitment and continuous effort. So, you’ll find within your first week that having a routine is best. Do you have a way to cope when you’re feeling overstressed?

Do you have a favorite activity to do when you feel the need to relax? What about caring for your skin and getting enough sleep? Your self-care plan should include everything you need to make sure you stay well. Staying well, is, after all, the first step in making sure you stay far away from substances. Practicing a self-care routine is essential to this process.

2. Find something to do during the day

Whether you find a day job today or enroll yourself in college tomorrow, staying busy will keep you far away from drugs. You need a way to keep your mind and body occupied. That way, you’re not focused on the bad influences in your life. Ideally, you fill your day with positive, uplifting activities.

However, you want to aim for tasks that propel you forward in some way and avoid those that might have the capacity to bring you down. Think about doing chores around your household, or, maybe filling out applications to get hired. Maybe make a list of your goals or do an errand or two to get some items for your house.

The more you fill your day with activities that can make a difference, the greater sense of purpose you’ll feel at the end of the day when you close your eyes and sleep. People who spend their lives doing things that matter don’t typically need to invest too much time in drugs. Get ahead of your cravings today by putting together a schedule for all the activities you want to complete.

3. Avoid bad habits and influences

The people you used drugs with? The places you went to get high? These are all triggers that are going to contribute to you wanting to do drugs. However, it isn’t enough to simply tell yourself you’ll stay away from these influences. You also need positive substitutes in place to keep your mind geared toward constructive thinking.

For example, if you knew going underneath a city bridge was a good place to get high, then there has to be another location, like a church or community center, where you can go instead. The more you can train your mind to see something greater than drug use, the less likely you’ll find the need to associate with the wrong people.

Remember, bad habits and addiction aren’t the same. Bad habits can be temporary even without making changes. Addiction continues to be a permanent problem unless you make active changes in life.

The first week of rehab will be challenging for sure. But what if you avoid bad habits and stay away from old influences? Now, you can see that the path ahead will be filled with opportunities.

No longer will you be limited to the life of getting high on substances. You’ll replace bad habits with positive behaviors and find something to do to keep you busy. From there, you’ll take good care of yourself by staying on track with your program. Going forward, contact Infinite Recovery for helpful advice on addiction.