The Most Exciting Mobile Games To Play On The Go

By  //  February 15, 2022

If you are constantly on the move, whether it be commuting to and from work, on your lunch break, waiting to pick a friend up from a certain spot, or traveling the world, you might believe that you have no spare time.

However, the opposite is often true. 

When you are constantly on the go, you may actually find yourself with a lot of free time, especially if you use public transport to travel, are bored in lunch queues, wait for ages when picking up a friend from the airport, or just feel bored from time to time. 

Thankfully, this spare time can easily be filled by playing games on your mobile phone. After all, you will likely carry your phone around with you, so wherever you happen to be, you can pull it out and play a quick game.

There is a huge range of different games you can play on your phone, so it is best to experiment with a bunch of them when you get a second to see which ones you enjoy the most.

These games include online casinos, mind-training games that can help you to improve key cognitive abilities such as memory retention, pattern deciphering and reaction timing, realistic driving games, which give you a chance to channel your competitive urges, and multiplayer games, which are ideal if you want to socialize while on the move.

It would be impossible to list them all here, so instead of naming every game you could play, it is best to gain an overview of the different types of games available to you when you are out and about.

Here are some of the most exciting mobile games to play on the go:

Try your hand at an online casino

The first type of mobile game to play when you are on the go is an online casino, which allows you to have a casino experience without traveling to a real one. 

These online casino real money sites can be an interesting way of using up your free time, and is not a type of game that requires you to sit in one play for hours to experience it properly. 

Play a mind-training game

Alternatively, if you are looking to be productive while on the go, you could try playing a mind-training game. 

There are a huge number of different brain-training titles to choose from, depending on what it is you are looking to improve. You could choose a game that helps you to develop your memory, improve your arithmetic, learn a language, test your problem-solving skills, or your powers of perception. 

While you might not think it, these games can be exciting because they require your full focus and cognitive ability. If you succeed, the results can be deeply rewarding. 

Practice your skills on a driving game

If you find yourself with time to kill while on the go, you could have a go at testing your skills on a driving game. 

These games range from a role-playing game which is designed as a form of escapism, or a realistic simulation game which tests your driving skills, and rewards you with an accurate experience of your favorite cars and tracks.

Although it helps if you are a car fan, driving games can be tremendously exciting. There is often a competitive element (against other players or the clock), a they need substantial amount of skill required to excel, without becoming boring. To get better involves a lot of practice, and this is one of the best ways to get better at video games. 

Join your friends on a multiplayer game

When you are always on the go, it is easy to lose contact with friends. Hours turn into days, which then turn into months, and soon your personal relationships can grow distant or disappear altogether. 

This is where online gaming on your mobile can help.

Encouraging your friends to join a multiplayer game with you will make it easier to catch up regularly and keep the relationship moving forward. This eliminates the excuse that you or they are too busy because you can squeeze in quick games when you have a second.

In fact, if you have a group of friends and struggle to all be in a single place at once, you can use the game as a virtual meeting point instead. 

After all, no one wants to call on a video conference if you are on the move.

Furthermore, if you are running out of common interests that you share with a certain person, becoming interested in a certain game can give you more to talk about.