Top 5 Best WooCommerce Plugins You Should Have in 2022

By  //  February 23, 2022

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WooCommerce is still the most popular and easiest to set up eCommerce platform on the market. This WordPress extension has been topping online business charts for a long time. In its wake are a trail of plug-ins to optimize your store and help you see your business thrive.

With so many to pick from, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees, so here are five of the best WooCommerce plugins you should have in 2022. 

1. WooCommerce Multi-Currency

The world has been made a much smaller place due to the Internet. We can contact people on the other side of the world and interact with them in real time. The emergence of eCommerce across the Internet has changed the way we buy and sell – and expanded the reach of where we buy and sell from.

It’s increasingly a good idea – if not just plain necessary – to be able to sell worldwide from your eCommerce store. Most online retailers now do. (That’s why the #1 pick here will be holding the hand of the #2 pick.)

WooCommerce Multi-Currency is there for just this purpose. This Plugin will give you the option on which currencies you will accept and a dropdown menu for your customers to select which they will pay with. Not only does this make things a lot simpler for everyone – you are also opening up your business to – literally – a world of sales possibilities. 

Main features: 

 Easy drop-down currency selection;

Default price setting with auto-adjusting;

Recalculates based on at-the-time currency conversion rates.

2. WooCommerce Multilingual 

Hand-in-hand with #1 – WooCommerce Multilingual. Various tech giants, such as Google and Meta, may offer the option to ‘translate’ text, be it in posts or entire pages, but WooCommerce implementing its own languages option plug-in is a great idea. With its help, you can translate pages into different languages and ensure uniformity across your platform.

A surefire way to increase sales probability, WooComerce’s own translator plug-in is generally viewed as being the best available directly for the platform. Naturally, in case you need to translate high volumes of content for your eCommerce or you have language pairs that aren’t covered by the plugin, you can always consider professional eCommerce translations

Main features:

 Quick product translations;

Remains ‘in translation’ – no flip-flopping between pages;

Provides ability for email communication in buyer’s language.

3. TrustPulse

TrustPulse is a social proofing tool that can push your conversions and sales percentages through the roof. Very well worth taking a look at – especially for new store runners trying to become established – this is a plug-in that assures customers of the legitimacy of your business operation.

People, rightly, let’s be honest, can be very cautious and skeptical when approaching anything online. This anxiety can expectedly go up a gear when it comes to making any form of financial transaction. This is where TrustPulse comes into things – their name literally lets you know what it is that they can do for you. 

TrustPulse provides social proof of interactions on your site from other customers with the use of small notifications. This displaying and recording of real-time evidence assures visitors to your store that you are on the level and goes a long way as a trust-builder. The evidence for all to see is assuring and can be the final persuader to the hesitant. Seeing when an item was last sold, how many are viewing a particular product at that moment, and so on are seemingly small details that can go a long way with your prospective customers. 

Main features:

Registration counts, purchasing, and subscription numbers can all be seen;

Includes ‘smart targeting’ to ensure visitors see sales related to their activity;

Simple UI with integrational set-up for your store;

Supplies analytical reports.

4. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a great all-in-one solution to a variety of business growth elements. This is software that is capable of doing wonders across the board for an eCommerce business.

Aside from its excellent email marketing capabilities – this core feature alone is hugely beneficial – it can also be utilized for the uploading of your inventory to the websites ‘shelves’, can be used for Google Ads to optimize sales potential, and give your product promos and marketing campaigns a massive shove across social media platforms. 

In regards to email, Constant Contact comes armed to the teeth with ready-to-use templates and customizable options to create professional, clean, and tidy emails for your subscribers. You will also be able to see the success rate of emails, as well as have improved deliverability: via Constant Contact, your mail is less likely to be detoured into junk folders. 

Main features:

Integrational with other software;

Real-time reports;

Auto-targeting of subscribers to enhance conversion potential.

5. RafflePress

This plug-in is quite a break-away from the norm and offers some intriguing creative possibilities. RafflePress offers a simple no-nonsense plug-in with which you can increase your brand awareness and draw more prospects with fun discounts and giveaways. The software will supply you with a treasure chest of ready-made templates from which you can then design and build your own unique competition. 

Smart use of your social media presence can really benefit the implementation of RafflePress. The number of entries per person, for example, could be increased if they ‘like’ or share one of your relevant social media posts. By doing this, the benefits are two-fold: you get the additional interest through the ‘raffle’ while simultaneously getting your company name engaged with and passed around on social media. And RafflePress will prevent fraud – its algorithms ensure a fair contest every time. 

Main features:

No-fuss UI;

CRM and marketing software integration;

Build widgets and landing pages;

Excellent analytics;

Fraud protection.

WooCommerce Order Export Pro

Having an online store means more customers and orders since the online stores are not limited, thanks to the shipping, to a single region or country. As the businesses grow, store owners struggle to manage their WooCommerce store data, mainly the orders.

The WooCommerce Order Export plugin is there to help the WooCommerce store owners easily export their WooCommerce orders. It owns a sophisticated filter that helps find exactly the data you want. With the filter, you can filter the data based on date, various order properties, product, coupon, etc. Furthermore, it lets you format the export and customize it as per your needs. So, you are allowed to set the date format, file name, sorting columns with a drag & drop interface, and much more.

Main features:

Scheduled exportsExport new orders onlyImport settingsExport data in CSV formatDeliver exports via FTP or directly to inbox.

Also, if you can add the following sentence to the end of the conclusion:

But what is also important to emphasize is that you should have a plugin like WP Reset to keep your online store running smoothly.

In Conclusion

WooCommerce lets you set up a shop in no time at all. In the blink of an eye, you are running an online store. Now, with so many options available, there is a lot you can do today to maximize your sales potential while actually making your business life easier – and have fun while doing it.

Shopping around will give you an idea of the best fit for your business type and its needs. If you have doubts, you can always consult an experienced digital marketing agency. Either way, with any of the above plug-ins attached to your store, you are sure to see your business take healthy steps forward.