What Makes Italian Citizenship By Descent Route Popular

By  //  February 10, 2022

Millions of Americans have ancestral connections in Italy, making it one of the sought-after immigration destinations. If you have your roots in the country, you will want to reclaim them at some point. The good thing is that Italy offers a citizenship by descent option for immigration aspirants.

While there are other options too, this route is ideal if you come from an Italian bloodline. It has a simple process, and eligibility requirements are straightforward too. Experts at mbersanilaw.com will guide you on the process to help you understand its simplicity and viability. Let uss explain what makes the descent route popular for aspiring immigrants. 

Simple eligibility norms and clear exceptions

Eligibility is perhaps the most daunting aspect of citizenship applications. They are often complex, and it is a reason for potential applicants to give up on the idea. But Italy has simple eligibility norms for the Jure Sanguinis route. You can apply through your parents or ancestors, and there are no generational limits for the process.

All you have to validate is that your ancestor was an Italian citizen after 1861, which was the year of the formation and unification of Italy. They shouldn’t have given up their citizenship by naturalizing elsewhere before the birth of the next person in line.

You may not qualify through a female ascendant though, but the exception is clear. If your relative gave birth before 1948, you cannot apply through the Jure Sanguinis route. However, you have the option to claim through the 1948 Rule.

Applicants can apply from their home country

The main reason for the popularity of Italian citizenship by descent is the ease of the process. The documentation part is daunting because you have to gather the paperwork from your ancestor’s comune. But the actual application process is easy because you can apply from your local consulate.

It means you need not waste time and money on traveling to Italy and staying there for the interview. You can even simplify the documentation process by seeking the assistance of a local citizenship expert. They have the right kind of connections to make the entire journey a breeze. 

Benefits for the next generations 

The best thing about the descent route is that it is a one-time effort and the benefits extend to your family generation after generation. You can bring your minor kids along without additional formalities. Even if they are not minors, they become eligible for the Jure Sanguinis process.

The next generations are automatically entitled to dual citizenship benefits. They can live and work in Italy, access education and healthcare benefits, and travel visa-free across the EU. You couldn’t pass on a better legacy to the generations to come. 

The popularity of Italian citizenship by descent is well-deserved because it opens up the opportunity to get a second passport. You can move to Italy and start life afresh with your family. Your spouse and children get the civil rights and benefits, and they pass on to the next generations as well. If you have ancestral roots in the country, you are surely in a good place.

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