Why Do Some People See Numbers in Dreams? Is There Special Meaning?

By  //  February 10, 2022

Many people struggle to sleep soundly at night. In these troubled times, it is easy to end up with sleep deprivation, but this can cause health problems.

Poor sleep can result in many health concerns including high blood pressure and even obesity. You will also fail to achieve the deep sleep that produces dreams. 

Dreams aren’t just enjoyable (or sometimes scary) parts of your sleep cycle, they help the mind in many ways. Dreams can help to organize memories or events that occurred that day.

Sometimes they are signifiers of things that you are anxious about or something in your life that needs to be dealt with. If you are stressed about something that is up and coming in your near future, such as a job interview, then you may find yourself playing out scenarios in your sleep. 

Other times, dreams can appear almost meaningless. Now and again, though, something confusing may appear in a dream, such as a single number or several of them. 

Why would you dream of numbers?

The obvious answers to numbers in dreams will probably be related to birth dates, or ages. They could be your shirt number in your sport’s team. Or they could be a house number.

Then again, they may not have any obvious significance to your life. They could be a series of numbers or repeated numbers such as 4444. 

These are known to many as angel numbers. Angel numbers are believed to be linked to Pythagoras in some way. The common belief behind them is that a guardian angel is trying to convey a message to the individual who sees the number.

While there is no proof that guardian angels exist, many believe that numbers do hold meaning.

 What do numbers in dreams mean?

The angel number 1133 is believed to convey a message for the recipient to grow spiritually and positively as they go forward in life. It is an encouragement to move forward.

Deciphering the meaning of dreams is a popular topic. Websites such as EverSpiritual.com try to explain the meaning of various animals in dreams, as well as angel numbers.

When it comes to numbers, perhaps the best place is to look at single digits first. Many people believe each digit from 1 to 9 has some kind of meaning.

Zero itself is believed to represent everything from God to freedom. This is because it is continuous, closed, and yet open. It represents nothing but is the starting point for all other numbers.

Here are the meanings behind other numbers that may surface in your visions.

What is the meaning behind the numbers?

According to Hopkins Medicine, when people dream, they become paralyzed. Brain functions speed up, and the mind operates almost as it does when the person is awake.

It is during this REM sleep, that the most vivid dreams occur. It is then that you may start to dream about numbers.

Unless the meaning of a set of numbers is obvious to you, you may find it simpler to add them together to create a single digit. For example, 72 becomes 7+2 which becomes 9.

Number 1

The number 1 stands alone and is first in numerology. This digit can represent independence and leadership.

Number 2

This number is supposed to represent balance and calm. It is a peaceful number.

Number 3

You can find different meanings to numbers through numerology and different cultures. However, the number 3 is often linked to creativity. It could be a sign that you need to produce something of a creative nature, or you should follow your dreams in this arena.

Number 4

This number can sometimes indicate prosperity. This may not point to a windfall, but more to stability.

Number 5

This can point to a big change occurring in your life. This number is linked to travel and perhaps even adventure. 

Number 6

This number can represent stability in home life. Marriage, romance, partnership. 

Number 7

This number is used throughout different cultures and has always been seen as powerful. Many people employ 7 for their lucky number. 7’s meaning in a dream may be that you need to look within yourself.

Number 8

Three 8’s together is seen in some Asian countries as a sign of prosperity and luck. 888 is often sought out for phone numbers, car registrations, and names of businesses. 8 is linked to wealth and food fortune in business and life.

Number 9

This may be an indication that you ought to focus on other people. Be that community projects, or closer to home with partners and family.


Sleep and dreams are an important part of staying healthy. Even if you don’t acknowledge the significance of dreams, they still play a part in your mental wellbeing.

If you are unsure of how many hours you should sleep, you can use a sleep calculator to work out optimum sleep times. A good sleep cycle will help you physically, and dreams will improve your cognitive functions.

Dreams help people to arrange their memories, and even to solve problems. Some artists are said to have written whole songs in their sleep.

When it comes to numbers, these may also help to solve problems. Your dreams may be trying to tell you something.