Why People Choose To Get Personal Loans

By  //  February 14, 2022

Personal loans are the best for individual borrowers who need some cash and plan to pay it back later. Maybe you’re considering applying for a personal loan, in which case you want to do some research first, and that’s brought you here. Here we have all the different reasons that borrowers use these versatile loans over the other options out there.

Before we get started, we should cover one thing – you always need a good reason to get a loan. While the reasons may differ, every borrower should only consider a personal loan after exhausting other options and making sure that they have a foreseeable means of paying the loan back.

Medical Bills

The best but most extreme use of a personal loan is to pay medical bills. In many places, injuries, medications, and other treatments require payment. Medical bills can mount quickly and, because of the fact they’re medical bills, they can come out of nowhere. A sudden injury that needs to be paid for sometimes happens before you’ve gotten your paycheck. Having medical insurance helps but, for some, it only covers some of the costs.

In those cases, a personal loan can help. With injuries and other sudden events, it’s best to get a shorter-term personal loan that you can pay back ASAP, so you’re not tempted to borrow more than you need. Then you can get the cash you need to settle accounts and move beyond any medical concerns in your life.

If the medical costs do need to be paid over a longer period, this can usually be arranged with many hospitals and doctors who are understanding of your circumstances. Then the loan can be paid in more manageable installments instead of a lump sum.

Emergency Costs

Like with medical bills, other emergency costs can also be covered with a personal loan. In fact, personal loans aren’t very restricted in what they can do, which can make them ideal for emergency scenarios where unforeseen costs rear their heads.

The emergency can be anything from a personal crisis to a national disaster. Did you lose your job and need to stay afloat before getting your next? Did your car get totaled on the way to that job? Did a tornado pass by and steal your car? A personal loan can be used for the costs of each scenario.

That said, do try to exhaust other options. Many people are eligible for some welfare payments for at least a year after losing their job, for example, so you don’t need to reach for a loan immediately.

Still, a personal loan is a very versatile tool that many people only use when an emergency happens and/or they are hurt. They’re also a lot better than the main alternative, which would be something like a payday loan. With those, the interest rates are so high that it becomes difficult for ordinary people to pay them back.

Debt Consolidation

One of the more common reasons that people take a personal loan is to consolidate pre-existing debt. This is where a borrower has multiple outstanding debts that need to get paid, each at different periods and demanding different payments. By consolidating the loans, you turn them into one loan that you pay to one creditor, with one routine payment. You can even negotiate more favorable interest rates if you’re in good standing with the creditor!

Even if you can’t swing lower interest rates, loan consolidation is great for those who feel overwhelmed by existing debt. If somebody is struggling with those problems, they have probably been financially irresponsible in the past, and loan consolidation offers a much-needed second chance for many to overcome their debt.

Home Renovations

Assuming that the borrower is financially responsible and has a plan, personal loans can be used to fund home renovations and other domestic projects. It’s not the most urgent use of a loan, sure, but sometimes a leaking roof needs to get patched ASAP. If you can get a favorable repayment window and a decent APR, a personal loan is perfect for funding renovation, remodeling, and construction projects.

Borrowing the money makes the process lighter on your bank account, especially if it gets expensive, and enables you to pay costs back in the future. For entrepreneurs and those that work from home, certain renovations can hold you back from making money. In those cases, borrowing can help them make money to facilitate the paying back of the loan.

The old rule still stands here – loans should be about needs and not wants. Any loan that is taken out is paid back with interest, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Personal loans work best for home renovation and related costs when you don’t have savings or other ways of sourcing cash.

Why People Don’t Choose Personal Loans

To finish, we should mention some of the reasons that people don’t choose personal loans, or at least they shouldn’t if they want to be financially responsible.

Personal loans aren’t great for the following costs:

■ Education/Tuition Fees – Loans centered around education, especially government-backed ones, tend to have lower interest rates. Student loans also have longer repayment periods often.

■ Auto Financing – There are purpose-made auto loans that work better for car financing than personal loans. By putting up the vehicle as collateral, there’s less risk for your finances.

 Vacations/Leisure Activities – Lastly, you shouldn’t use personal loans to buy nice trinkets or participate in leisure activities that you can’t afford. The responsibility of debt isn’t worth it. Instead, try to use personal loans for uses that will be useful and long-lasting in your life, not momentary pleasures.


These are some of the most popular uses for personal loans. Given the nature of these loans, they can be used for a lot, but we have picked out the most responsible examples. In the event that you cannot source money from somewhere else, these are several great ways a personal loan can improve your life.