9 Instagram Game Ideas to Increase Reach & Engagement

By  //  March 18, 2022

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Instagram games are a great source to empower engagement and boost connectivity. It does not only help in increasing marketing aspects. But before knowing 9 Instagram game ideas, you need to know what Instagram games are. If you know it already, you can get started further. Today I am going to tell you how you can be successful considering Instagram games.

Instagram games are posted to increase engagement among different communities on Instagram. These games help people to show higher connectivity and encourage them to participate in the activity. However, https://instaboost.com.au is a platform that generates more audience towards your Instagram account. These type of platforms plays a leading role in engagement boosting. 

How Instagram Games Help You?

 When you post an Instagram game on your account, your followers tag their friends. In this way, more and more people participate in the game.

It encourages people on Instagram who are out of your coverage.

Instagram users tend to share their accounts with others.

This can be the best opportunity as a strategic marketing tactic for brands

Visibility, reliability, and your demands increase among your followers

You can grab more and more Instagram followers who are interested in your content.

9 Instagram Game

Here are the nine most interesting and engaging Instagram games. You should try these out to start a boosting engagement with your followers and other Instagram users.

1. Quick Draw

If you are looking for an interactive activity to engage your audience. This Instagram game will help you to grab higher followers on Instagram. You need to set a quick draw challenge to your audience for your higher selling product to play this game.

2. GIF Challenge

Another best Instagram game idea is hosting a GIF challenge for your audience. To create this game, you need to create certain themes like holidays or any big event like Halloween. This template includes some blank spaces that can be labeled diversely. 

3. Three Truth and a Lie

It is one of the most engaging and interesting games. In this game, you need to post four posts in your story. Among them, three will be truths, and one will be a lie. This game allows your audience to know about your brand. This helps in higher exploration. You can empower higher audience engagement when you initiate this game for your brand on your Instagram account.

4. Quiz

Quiz games are also the most interesting ideas to ensure higher engagement. These games are also based on templates for stories. You can create quiz games that inform on questions and answers. 

You have an open choice to create quiz games for your brand. You are giving you a great chance to tell your brand to your audience. 

5. Hashtag Games

This is another interesting and engaging game on Instagram. You can spread awareness about your brand among your audience using this game. First, you need to invite your followers by creating their feeds with some brand-specific hashtags to create this game. Then, when your followers see this game, your followers will also participate in this game. This way, you can extend your reach.

Hashtag games is the fastest way of increasing your Instagram followers. It can also be named as the alternative of buy Australian Instagram followers from a Social Servicing Agency. Because buying followers in Australia is the quickest method that Aussies likely adopt in 2022. I am from Australia, that’s why am mentioning it. May be the other countries are also adopting the same.

6. This or That

This or that game highly encourages Instagram followers to participate. This Instagram game seems to be most likely among Instagram users. This game can be set with a random template to invite followers to participate in games. To create this game, you must have a debatable topic.

7. Music Games

Music games are often posted on Instagram stories. Create this game to invite your followers to share the music they have been listening to or their favorite song. This helps you to increase engagement among your audience. This way, the circle of connectivity increases rapidly.

8. Get to Know

Getting to know you is a most interesting and engaging Instagram game. To create this game, you need to have a list of hobbies or favorite things. In addition, you can ask a different question in this game to know your audience. Instagram users actively participate in such games, which are based on opinionated options.

9. One Letter Game

This game is the most interesting Instagram game. By setting this challenge for your audience on your Instagram account, you can know how much your audience knows about you. To set this game, you need to post some questions which can be answered in one letter. It encourages Instagram followers to show how much they know about you by showing active participation.


Instagram games can be a great source to increase the engagement of your audience worth your brand. It does not only help you to boost connectivity. But it also helps you to know how much they know about you. By setting Instagram games on your account, you can sustain higher visibility among your target audience. I hope this will be a great source for you to have some new ideas for Instagram games to increase engagement.