A Healer and a Rockstar: Angela Ferrari

By  //  March 31, 2022

Angela Ferrari is a singer, songwriter and spiritual healer who was born in San Diego but grew up in Gallup, New Mexico soon after. Having passed through a multitude of jobs, including a private investigator assistant, physical trainer, sales and many more before settling in a well-paying job in the corporate world.

After coming to a realization one day that she didn’t find her job fulfilling, she began longing for a career encompassing her passions that could give her some meaning. After some soul-searching, she settled on singing – a lifelong love of her’s. This article explores her successes following this career change, her progression into spiritual healing and her aspirations for the future.

Singing Career

As a primarily self-taught singer, Angela remembers how it all began with practicing and watching her favorite artists in her room on a microphone and speaker her father had set up. After watching her idols’ MTV videos for hours on end, she would observe every little detail of their performance and mimic it until she could even copy how they would move their mouths. 

After a stint in the corporate world, Angela quickly realized that a lifestyle afforded by a lucrative career and all the material things she could ever want was dissatisfying to her soul; the light in my eyes was gradually beginning to dim. It was at this point that she decided to book a solo trip to Bali and rediscover herself.

Upon her return, she immediately quit her job and was adamant in her decision to pursue a career in singing. Not exactly sure how it was going to work out, Angela somehow just knew it would. Despite being initially broke, her love for singing won out over the fear of the unknown, which only inflated her sails further.

And the rest was history – everything worked out better than she could have ever imagined at the time. More importantly, she was attracting things that complemented the love she had for her work. Through years of dedication, Angela was able to sing in front of 70,000 people, and even perform as the opening act for famous artists, podcast interviews. She released her album in 2019 and hasn’t looked back since. 

Professional Healer

Alongside her career as a professional singer, Angela also has an official certification in in-depth channeling, reiki, and energy work. On top of all this, she is the CEO of The Shift Process, her life coaching online business which includes one on one coaching, concerts, online courses and retreats.

Angela believes that her efforts to create mass teachings will act as a support for those struggling with the immense problems of anxiety and depression. It is her supposition that these mental health issues arise due to a misunderstanding of the ways in which emotional trauma is meant to be healed.

By teaching people the fundamentals of emotional balance through her online resources, Angela hopes they can be instilled with the capability to understand how to feel safe in their emotions as they mature; creating a better generation than what preceded them. 

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Goals and Aspirations

Combining her two talents, Angela has become the first spiritual teacher that is also a modern day singer; producing music that anyone can relate to. In the future, Angela hopes to continue to expand the frequent events and concerts she hosts in order to further distribute these powerful messages relating to connection, hidden truths and how to love and accept oneself. This enables us to live with a perspective of abundance, which in turn attracts an abundant reality, one of the fundamental teachings of The Shift Process.

Furthermore, Angela is combining her two talents to become the first spiritual teacher that is also a modern day singer; producing music that anyone can relate to. She wishes to show by her example that no one needs to be boxed in – anyone can be anything. Angela has also recently begun to offer ‘Shift retreats’, with her ultimate goal being the ability to offer such ‘in-person’ resources for healing around the world alongside her online ones.

Closing Statement

On balance, the success of Angela’s career speaks for itself. Success in this context goes beyond the traditional sense of being wealthy or having a prestigious job, which she has already done. Instead, it refers to true success in the realm of finding and achieving one’s purpose, as well as helping others at the same time.