Benefits Health First’s Palm Bay Hospital Associates Can Get From Their Massage Chairs

By  //  March 24, 2022

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Health First’s Palm Bay Hospital’s Medical Executive Committee (MEC) donated 12 full-body massage chairs to the hospital’s front-line caregivers. Valued at over $8,000, the hospital has placed those chairs in different break areas. Caregivers can use the chairs to restore and recharge themselves as they carry on with their daily shifts at the facility.

The massage chairs will allow caregivers to relax and get back to their patients fully energized. Besides, they can also enjoy numerous health benefits by using these massage chairs from time to time. Today, we’ll look at how these chairs will benefit front-line caregivers’ health at the hospital.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Life as a front-line caregiver is never easy, especially when you have to do surgeries and attend to patients in critical conditions. The situation for our front-liners got worse during the pandemic

Stress and anxiety are always high among these doctors and caregivers. So, a way to reduce stress and anxiety would work wonders for them. That’s where the massage chairs come into play.

Therapeutic massage from these chairs will stimulate serotonin and dopamine. Sitting on a massage chair for around 20 to 30 minutes will also lower cortisol, widely known as the stress hormone. The combined effect here will result in the lowering of stress and anxiety. 

Caregivers will feel much more relaxed and stable after spending time on one of these chairs. Afterward, they can return to their respective duties and provide the care their patients need.

Improve Blood Flow

Another benefit of using massage chairs is they can improve blood circulation in the body. Most massage chairs use a roller system to perform various vibrations across the body, mostly in the back. 

Heated massage chairs work best to improve blood circulation in the body. The wall heated L-Track massager from Wonder Massage Chairs is one such chair that can provide the best of both heat and massage therapy. The combination of these two effects helps reduce stress and body aches. Combined therapy also improves flexibility to a great extent.

With a more regulated blood flow, doctors will feel more relaxed. Their muscles will no longer feel stiff or have trouble flexing them. They will appreciate that, especially when they have to attend back-to-back surgeries or conduct a long treatment on a patient.

Help Get Rid of Sore Muscles

When caregivers work long shifts or operate for hours, their muscles are bound to get sore. The problem is that they don’t get much time to recover from the soreness before heading out and caring for the next patient. They need a quick and effective solution to deal with the soreness. A full-body massage is an ideal way to do so, but it’s hardly possible within the hospital compound.

However, a 20-minute session on a massage chair will quickly eliminate the soreness from their body. The massage chair allows the muscles to relax by increasing the blood flow. The massage also helps eliminate lactic acid, which causes soreness and aching in the first place, by promoting blood circulation.

Get Rid of Headaches

Headaches are common when you’re working as a front-line caregiver. In many cases, doctors don’t even have to be on active duty to suffer from headaches. The environment inside hospitals and medical facilities can get very stressful and lead to headaches. 

Massage chairs improve blood flow. That, in turn, increases circulation in areas that might be ischemic or lack blood flow. As blood flow gets more regulated in these areas, pain from various trigger points in the body starts dying down. Ultimately, the headaches start disappearing as the body muscles relax and loosen up.

Boosts Natural Immunity

Having natural immunity against different health problems is a blessing, especially when you’re working as a front-liner. Achieving natural immunity is easily possible when you have good circulation and low-stress levels. The massage chairs at the break areas will do their work promptly here.

Promote Better Sleep

After a tiring day at the hospital, doctors want nothing more than a good sleep to prepare them for the next day’s duties. Thankfully, the massage chairs can help in that regard too. As the chairs help caregivers relax, the toxins inside their bodies get flushed out with oxygen from the regulated blood flow. Caregivers can then go home and fall asleep without any extra effort.

Thus, it’s clear that the massage chairs at the Palm Bay Hospital will give front-line caregivers the chance to lower their stress and get rid of physical pain. As a result, they will stay fit and healthy and carry out their regular duties with little to no extra stress on their shoulders.