Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies: The Future of the Financial Market

By  //  March 24, 2022

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Rick Falkvinge, the Founder of the Swedish pirate party, said: “Bitcoin will do to banks what email did to the postal industry.” 

It’s no secret that technology has drastically changed our lives in the last few years. It has impacted all aspects of our professional, personal, or academic lives. When thinking of the financial industry, we realize how much our monetary interactions have changed over the years.

There were times when bonds used to be an investment, but the emergence of bitcoin–and hundreds that followed it (Bitcoin Prime, Ethereum, etc.)–changed the perspective. A number of platforms like have also made the understanding of cryptocurrencies much easier thus making them more popular. 

The COVID-19 Pandemic has significantly aided in this shift. We now believe that the future of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as the currency is not a far-fetched reality but is already almost here. 

Cryptocurrencies, while volatile and unpredictable, have, no doubt, the potential to alter the entire financial industry. A few years ago, buying anything with just a click–from food to medicines, clothes to makeup, even stocks, and from transferring money from one bank account to another–felt like a scene from a sci-fi movie. But this is now our reality. 

Many large firms and financial institutions back the argument for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin prime as the future of the financial industry. Digital currencies now make up a huge chunk of many hedge fund managers’ financial portfolios. According to estimations, 4% of the world’s population uses cryptocurrency. This percentage includes many businesses and financial enterprises. 

The shift from cash and bonds to cryptocurrencies has given rise to a whole new industry of Cryptocurrency Trading platforms. This relatively recently established online trading industry is generating sky-rocketing revenues each year. And these platforms are here to stay and flourish with each passing year as more and more new cryptocurrencies come to the surface. One of the leading platforms today is

The trading platforms utilize AI and hence minimizing the room for error. These platforms surpass human abilities and increase the chances of making a profit from cryptocurrency investments. Therefore, cryptocurrencies appear more agreeable to the regular investors and regular population, and their popularity and acceptance increase. 

Cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology to carry out secure transactions. These transactions are decentralized, unyielding, and transparent. The utilization of blockchain technology eliminates a third party or middle-man involvement. As a result, it reduces transaction costs and increases traders’ profit.

These currencies and investments are also more secure. In case of hacking or technical faults, a bank will rely solely upon its backup. With cryptocurrencies, if some part of the network is compromised, the rest works to authenticate transactions. The decentralized nature of the Blockchain also assures that cryptocurrencies are theoretically impervious to government control and manipulation–giving them an edge over fiat currencies.

We have seen the evolution of money from one form to another over the years. A few years down the line, it is no surprise that we might be using cryptocurrencies not just as investments but for our everyday dealings, even to buy our groceries. Cryptocurrencies may be volatile, but they are more secure and more profitable. Most importantly they are more convenient. With trading platforms emerging in abundance, this form of investment requires minimum labor from the investors and helps them generate more significant profits. The tradings bots on these platforms detect even the slightest changes in the market and predict nearly accurate profit/loss margins.

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